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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Beautiful Barbarela: Affordable Statement Necklaces

Beautiful Barbarella

Matthew Williamson empire waist a line dress / Giuseppe Zanotti open toe booties / Giuseppe Zanotti leather handbag / Necklace / Gucci fragrance

One of the nicest things about my Polyvore obsession, is all of the fantastic women I have gotten to "know" over the last year.  Their talents are abundant and so are their hearts.

It's particularly fun, when as a result of the their work on Polyvore, they have the opportunity to launch new career directions.

Such is the case with my friend Barberela from Bulgaria (click on her name to see her beautiful sets). This past year she launched an on line jewelry website, Barbarela Jewerly. I couldn't be happier for her! 

When you create a Polyvore set, you get to choose every element of the design.  When I was looking for something to embellish, this already ambitious Matthew Williamson dress, I was excited to find Barbarela Jewelry available to include.

Statement necklaces are definitely having a moment...there is nothing that will zshush a tee shirt or simple sheath faster:

Above are two stunners, the top from Lanvin and the bottom from J.Crew.  The only caveat is that they can range from hundreds to thousands...a lot of faux bling for the buck, and a trend du jour to boot.

Compare that to Barbarela's beautiful necklaces above, which range from $30-$50 and everything ships for free.

I also am crazy about her embellished leather braided bracelets that are in the $15-$20 range:

So next time you are looking for a lot of looking for the latest looks in fantastically priced fashion jewelry, please consider visiting Barbarela Jewelry.

I'm all about Girl Power and I love nothing more than to see my friends achieve their dreams...


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