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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Benefit Ooh la Lift: La Lovely

Benefit Ooh La Lift

Long before I started my blog DivaDebbi, I used to email blast my girlfriends with must have products, bring my latest finds to book club and try out new faves on my colleagues. Blogging, happily, just gave me a wider audience to share my passions with.

As a result, truly of both, I have been fielding texts, emails and phone calls from friends mid beauty aisle for years. Today my friend Linda Levy called from Ulta.
I had purchased my new favorite cleanser from Hada Labo for Linda and she wanted to both replace and it buy one for her BFF Lynn.  She also wanted to ask, "if there was anything else I can't live without".

"Yes.  Benefit's Gimme Brow, their brilliant new product that fills in sparse brows with tiny fibers". (

"Anything I can't live without?"

"Yes.  Benefit's Ohh La Lift, an instant under eye brightening boost. It's a cult classic. You have got to try it."

By coincidence, I was on my way to Sephora to return a lip gloss and cash in on a $15 bonus that was emailed to me, expiring this weekend.  I couldn't wait check it out and racked my brains trying to figure out how it has eluded me.

Ooh La Lift is a softly tinted pink balm, that is infused with light reflecting particles. It also contains raspberry and chamomile extracts to brighten and soothe. It feels cool to the touch and before I even looked in the mirror, my under eye area felt perkier. Once I did peek, I was pleased with how refreshed I looked.

Too apply, 3 dots gently patted under the eye, from the corner is all that is needed. It is not intended to replace concealer but to brighten and lighten the eye area.

It can also be used over makeup and as an anytime pick me up.  One of Benefit's suggestions is to refrigerate Ooh La Lift, which would probably feel the summer.

Not surprisingly, the reviews I checked on Benefit and Sephora's website were stellar, in all age groups.

Between my return and my bonus, it felt like a freebie, which is great  La Lift an easy purchase.  If readers are to be believed, it will be the first of many

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