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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rimmel Rocks:Exaggrerate Waterproof Eye Definer

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer
 $4-$5 at drugstores nationwide

My friends are constantly emailing me telling me about beauty products they have fallen in love with and I love them for it.

The last time I wrote about my latest blush find, (grousing mildly that it cost $24. I found this Pixi All Over Rose Radiance blush at Target after all...isn't that supposed to translate to practically free???) my old NYC roommate Lori wrote to me.

"Do you ever use Rimmel products?" she queried.  "I am using one of their powder blushes called "Cool Mauve".  It cost $4.50 and people stop me on the street to ask what I am wearing." (Interestingly, they are both London imports servicing the "mass" market and yes, and almost $20 difference is significant, if one is comparing tomatoes and to-mah-toes here).

I have used Rimmel London products, often, and they rarely disappoint.  I was in fact test driving their latest eyeliner, a waterproof, self sharpening "eye definer", with a built in smudger.  It covers all the bases of what I look for in a daily liner  and my current black liner was down to a nub, so I asked to sample it in, "noir".

Exaggerate comes in 6 shades; Sable, Noir, Deep Ocean, Purple Shock Emerald Sparkle and Precious Gold.

Unfortunately, they were out of Noir to sample and asked if I would consider trying Deep Ocean.  Of course I would!  Honestly, I really was more interested in the texture, lining capability and wearing power.

Deep Ocean is a fairly bright blue, so I have been tamping it down with a bit of liquid black liner.  More importantly, it has a lovely, thin, tapered tip. It glides on beautifully and stays on until you choose to take it off.  I'm not much of a "smudger" so I will admit to never even trying the rubber nib on the other end.

Now that I know how much I like Exaggerate Eye Definer, springing for  the $4.50 to purchase the noir will be a no brainer.  If you are looking for quality beauty products that are always on trend Rimmel rocks and the price friendly price point will leaving your grinning instead of grousing.

Just ask Lori...


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