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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Act II: Garnier's BB Cream

Garnier's B.B. (Beauty Balm) $11.99

Recently I reviewed Garnier's  B. B. cream, an all in one cream that hydrates, blurs imperfections, imparts a wash of sheer color and includes SPF 15. (

BB's hail from Europe and based on their popularity, I think we will see versions from every cosmetics company from prestige to mass.

Garnier's BB cream comes in two shades.  Naturally, I used the darker one and I quite like it. 

As I enter my second sun shunning summer, I glanced down at my legs last week and sighed.  I missed having real color on my legs, despite using Jergen's Natural Glow and Protect Firming Body Lotion daily. 

Then inspiration struck...

Why not try my Garnier BB cream on my legs???  It is afterall, not exactly makeup.  May I immodestly say stroking this on my legs was a stroke of genius?

Not only did my legs now have a healthy tan appearance, but imperfections seemingly vanished.  The surge of moisture and SPF protection were an added bonus. 

So Girls, you heard it here first...Act II for the beauty industry is going to be BB Cream's for the Body.

Try it and pass it on!  It's nice to be ahead of the curve...



  1. Can you recommend a moisturizer/sunscreen combo with an SPF higher than the Garnier BB? I want to use a combo, but I need at least an SPF of 25 or even more. Thanks!

  2. Hi Susan,
    It's not a BB, but my sister (who has been diligent about sunscreen for many years), is crazy about La Roche Posay's sunscreen, which doubles as her daily day moisturizer.




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