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Monday, February 26, 2018

Aethern- THE Fountain of Youth!

  Aethern, pronounced Eh-thern. My daily dose of science and beauty

As I approach the 10 year anniversary of my Blog DivaDebra, I have so appreciated you,  my loyal readers.  I am nothing if not a, "Girl's Girl", and what started from emailing my gal pals and bringing my favorite products picks to book club, has grown into a 10 year labor of love, with readers from all over the world!

Over the years, I have many times been approached to sample vitamins that promised what we all want, a convenient little slice of our youth, albeit thicker hair, firmer skin, or increased energy.

The problem is, I never felt that there would be any way to show my readers a measurable difference, if one existed at all!  Hence, I always nicely declined all offers.  I have only ever been interested in sharing the best of my product experiences and at times, the things to steer clear of.

There are two areas on a woman's body that are the tell tales of age. Time and gravity just win out here...One is the neck, the other is our hands.

With great luck, my beauty blogging life as always worked in a funny way...whatever I really needed often found its way to me.

Literally, one day before I met Paul Vella, the Business Development Partner at Aethern, I had the mortifying epiphany of seeing, really seeing, my left hand.  How and when did that happen?

Despite all my efforts at beating the clock,  I felt as if an octogenarian's hand had somehow been swapped with my own.  The horror!  Do see below, lest you think I am exaggerating.

Paul and I met at the Lucas Magnum Salon in Greenwich, during a day devoted to beauty and wellness.  Three things impressed me immediately:

The first is that  Aethern, which is FDA approved and clinically trialed, and, included greatly improved client hands in their promotional material. 

The second is that two of the most esteemed Dermatologists in the U.S.,  Dr. Lisa Airan in NYC and Dr. Ava Shamban in Beverly Hills,  believe in the efficacy of Aethern!  Both are personal fans and provide it to their high end patients at their practices and on their websites.

The third is that the magnificent Cate Blanchett,  is also an Aethern fan!  She includes in her beauty and health repertoire and mentioned it in this Allure article.  Of note; she is not a paid spokesperson.

Good enough for DivaDebra and her lovely readers!

Paul graciously offered me a 30-day supply of beautifully packaged Aethern.  One box convenient box, includes 4, slender, travel friendly boxes of 7 daily drinkable anti-aging vials.  Each is  filled with critical nutrients proven to increase radiance, hydration and firmness.

I made no promises to blog and told Paul that I have turned down many opportunities before.  He was extremely confident that I would love Aethern and wisely suggested I snap some before and after photos for my own reference.

We said our goodbyes...

It was I who excitedly, reached out to Paul next.  The night before my first dose, I decided that I would snap a photo and take one again, in the same spot, in the same lighting, at the same time of day.  I did this at two weeks and just recently again at two months.

It is very difficult to see changes of anything in real time.  Other than taking my daily dose each morning, I gave it little or no thought...until I reviewed some photos.  At the three week mark I noticed how much firmer and toned my arm looked in a photo that was taken of me:

Before Aethern

Hands 2 weeks after taking Aethern

2 months after taking Aethern
(of course I had to get a second box!)

Please take a really good look! 
This is remarkable!

My arm, noticeably firmer and radiant at 3 weeks
Additionally, I had a painful fluid filled sac on my pinkie, known as a "mucous cyst" common with aging.  It was of enough concern that I was going to see a hand specialist.  After just a few weeks it was no longer bothering me has remained significantly smaller!  The anti-inflammatory benefits are real.  A very happy surprise benefit!

I really do believe that a picture is worth a thousand words!  I am so happy that I have them to share with you.

I was so thrilled about my very visible results that I told Paul I would be honored to be a Brand Ambassador for Aethern.  In addition, I wanted to blog about it, share it with my readers and if possible provide them with a discount code, so you too, could enjoy Aethern's benefits.  I also wanted to be able to seel it at my own luxury boutique Mary Jane Denzer.

To my delight, Paul and his partner CEO Abili Falco, agreed to all four of my requests!

 Ok, so what is in Aethern?  Good Question! 

Nature’s key “building block” proteins immediately enhance the skins firmness and elasticity , helping to reduce changes linked to the skin aging.  It also ensures the skins capacity to retain hyaluronic acid and provide the infrastructure that maintains skin firmness and elasticity, supporting healthy nails and hair quality.


Deep hydration and nourishment to the skin – fills in deep lines and wrinkles from within.


Noticeably improves texture of the skin. Silicon plays a key role in forming and maintaining connective tissue  and helps to stimulate the synthesis of collagen, resulting in higher collagen concentration.  This improves the regeneration of new collagen fibers.

Pure Astaxanthin

Major antioxidant that helps collagen to regenerate, vastly more powerful than vitamin C or E, improves skin wrinkle, elasticity, texture and moisture condition.

Mediterranean Polyphenols

This mixture of antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and skin-protecting properties, enhancing its condition and internal protection.  It increases anti- inflammatory and radical-scavenging activity, in prevention of UV damage and binds selectively to collagen for soft tissue repair.

Other Key Ingredients:
Purified Water
Citric Acid
Sodium Benzoate
Potassium Sorbate (to preserve freshness)
Natural Flavors

A single box of Aethern is $295. But, if you order as a monthly subscription and enter my code, RADIANCE, your 30-day supply will come to $224, including free shipping! 

Aethern is not cheap, but it is worth it! I would rather do without a frock or two each month, then deprive myself of this miraculous anti-aging skin beauty program.  

I encourage you to take your own photos. The repeat customer response for Aethern is 70%, which is remarkably high. If you have any concerns, discuss them with your doctor or nutritionist. I also encourage you to look at their website closely.  I did, as well as a reading every word of the clinical trial.

Please feel free to ask me any questions and do share your photos and experiences.  It's been 10 great years and I truly do appreciate your trust and loyalty. 

Lovelies, I have finally found the Fountain of Youth! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! As always, I wish you nothing but wellness and beauty...


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