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Thursday, March 1, 2018

The NY Times Weighs in on the Best Drugstore Makeup Buys

Bloomberg/ Getty Image courtesy of the NY Times

Love, love, love, the more accessible beauty coverage at the "newspaper of record" these days.   I nearly keeled when I received a beauty alert this morning,  with an article by Tynan Sinks on her favorite drugstore beauty buys.

Welcome to our world!  Here's the link.  Shout out to my sister Loren, who told me months ago to check out NYX concealer.  It's her new Holy Grail.  Tynan feels the same way...

Naturally I dashed out to my closest CVS, STAT.  The NYX display was  sadly baron...Ulta will no doubt, be better supplied.

Anyway, worth a read and maybe a note or two.  I'll keep you posted on that concealer...provided I can find it.


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