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Sunday, February 26, 2017

DivaDebbi's 2017 Oscar Red Carpet Report Card

Well. Oh my and wholly -rap! How, exactly, the wrong envelope for Best Picture was given to poor Faye and Warren, who I thought were having a dual senior moment, we don't yet know. Price Waterhouse....You're FIRED.
Kudos to the producers of La La Land, who could not have been more gracious and congrats to the Moonlighting cast and crew on your win. Jimmy Kimmel was a mostly winning host, who navigated the evening well (true confessions I skipped out for a good 2 hours and heard there were some flops)  and ended it humbly.  I think he will get a second shot. For those of you just waking up, here's a nice recap of the final moments, courtesy of Vulture.

But, I can say unequivocally, this was the least exciting Red Carpet, in 89 years.  Seriously. Where was the fashion??? Where were the stars???  And why has it become a faux pas for an interviewer to ask the age old, Joan Rivers standard, "Who are you wearing"??? Since I don't know, nor is the information readily press available, many of my loves and loathes will not have designer most cases, this will be a blessing...

The R.C. was trend light as well, beautifully cut simple black dresses, white, red and two beauties in gold and nude, worn by fashion A Listers Emma Stone and Nicole Kidman and a smattering of fringe.

Let's get started...shall we???  Because this blog, that sometimes takes two days to write and edit, should be up and complete by 10pm, just in time for Billions.

The A+ Team

Brie Larsen. Magnificent in Oscar de la Renta

Emma Stone in Givenchy Couture. Magnificent.
Love the hair, love the jewels. Fingers crossed...

Nicole Kidman.
Perfection in Armani Prive
 The A Team
Kirsten Dunst in Dior

Taraji P. Hensen in a stunningly simple, but 
fabulous, navy velvet Alberta Ferretti

Olivia Culpo, exquisite in Marchesa

Alicia Vikander

Moving on...

Disappointing? Viola Davis.  I'm fairly certain she is going home with another Oscar tonight and was a bit let down, particularly after her A List turn at the Golden Globes, in lemon, sequin, one shouldered Michael Kors. Comparatively,
this is too tame for the Oscars.

I haven't yet seen Fences, but every time I see the commercial, where she is giving Denzel what for, dripping in tears and mucous, I burst into tears.  If that isn't Oscar worthy, I don't know what is.  Viola, I'm rooting for you. (And YAY! they just announced her win!).

Viola Davis in a too tame Armani Prive 

Underwhelmed as usual by the always overrated Michelle Williams.

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuiton

The Love/Hates:

Gobsmacked by Haley Berry. Love it from the clavicle down.  Completely disconcerted by the Foxy Brown wig, but admittedly, love the Versace gown. I'm wide open for theories and explanations...

Hailee Steinfeld in a handpainted Ralph and Russo
Love: The hair and makeup, neckline and gown.
Hate:  The train and the sheerness. She's nearly naked.

The (very long) F List

Naomie Harris,  in Calvin Klein, fresh out of the shower

Ginnifer Goodwin. It's a Small World After All...

(Condolences to the friends and family of the talented Bill Paxton, her Big Love Co-Star. I am saddened by his untimely passing.)

Chrissy Teigen, overwrought, as usual in a too tight, too slit
Zuhair Murad.  Bras welcome.

Ruth Negga
Disappointing in this tepid Valentino, particularly on the heels of her A+ Golden Globes appearance in a metallic T-Shirt gown by Louis Vuitton. It was masterfully understated and she killed in it.

Octavia Spencer in Marchesa
Too. Much. Dress. On Too. Much. Girl.

Wait for it...

It's a twofer...two bombshell  blonde's,inexplicably chose to add a total of 50 lbs. to their frames by wear V-neck, knife pleated A-line gowns, with Woody Woodpecker hair.  Charlize, no, wait it's Scarlett, took it further south by belting it.  Can somebody 'splain this to me???

Dakota Johnson in Gucci. Honey, it's too late to cover up in this Mother Superior costume. 50 Shades of Fugly.
If Jessica Biel wasn't married to Justin Timberlake I would almost feel sorry for her.  She never, ever gets it right on the Red Carpet.
The Oscar Statuette, KaufmanFranco was over done enough...It definitely
did not call for a gold feather neck plate.

Janelle Monae
She must have taken up an entire aisle. I'm often an Elie Saab fan,
I simply cannot fathom how tiers, tulle, a collar, applique, sequins, a train and a belt all made it on to one dress.  Ticky Tacky.

O.K. my's 9:58 and I have finished this blog in record time. Who did you love and who did you loathe? Who did I miss??? Do let me know...If you are still awake...



  1. Agreed, you have great taste & a wonderful sense of humour!

  2. Thank you my Dear!
    Glad you enjoyed it...




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