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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Neck Creams: 9 Top Rated Ones from TotalBeauty

Olay Total Effects Night  Firming Cream for Face and Neck

If you could tell your younger self anything about skincare, what would you say?  I think many would warn about the very real ravages too much sun does deliver. To that, I would add, to remember to care for your neck as scrupulously has you do your face.

I am a total TotalBeauty fan. I love them for very early on, accepting my beauty blog DivaDebbi into their coveted inner circle.  I love that real women take the time to write reviews and rate the products that give us their, "Best and Worst of..." reviews. I also trust their Beauty Editors recommendations, having had great success with many of them over the years.

Additional confession?

I love scouring their reviews for the least expensive, most highly rated products.  Case in point?  In their round up of the best and worst neck creams, two of the best were well under, $25, thank you very much! I will definitely try the Total Effects Neck and Face Firming Cream above (and of course, dutifully report back to my lovely readers.

Here is the link to TotalBeauty's Slideshow of the Best Firming Neck creams.  I happen to swear by Exuviance Age Reverse Toning Neck Cream. Truly I think they missed a great one, but I'm always up for an effective beauty bargain, so I will try it, and see how the Total Effects neck cream stacks up against it.

Oh and note to my younger self and readers;  pay attention to your hands! Mind the gap between a youthful, glowing complexion and gnarly hands. Slather on sunscreen and plump them with a good hand cream infused with Hyaluronic acid.

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