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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bath time = Bedtime

L'Occitane Huille de Douche  
Cleansing Shower Oil
8.4 oz. 25

For many parents, bedtime is a struggle. Kids, by nature, just want to stay up a bit longer, so they don't miss a thing.

My Mom, never had that issue with me. I couldn't wait to be scrubbed, powdered, slathered in baby lotion and put in crisp pajamas. so I could dive into bed, fresh and cosseted. 

To this day, absolutely nothing has changed, except I have replaced warm milk with hot tea.

I have purchased both L'Occitane Huille de Douche, and Swedish Sea Salt Soap at least a half a dozen times, combining them both on an exfoliating shower sponge. Together they smell delicious and they leave my skin scrupulously clean but never stripped and the almond oil in Huille de Douche leaves me glowing. 

At Christmas time, my desk overflows with sweet remembrances from  colleagues and clients.  Sometimes cards and tags get dislodged.

 I had no idea who left me a delicious bar of Swedish Sea Soap Salt, which I have since purchased time and again, (after sussing it out on Amazon), until the day I saw my friend Linda Levy using Swedish Sea Hand Balm.  A coincidence, this was not.  Linda and her entire family became addicted to it after discovering it Rhode Island and she was my bath time benefactor.

Swedish Sea Salt Soap
3/ 17.50 on Amazon

Today I cleaned out my goodie drawers and closet, to bring some of the barely sampled and used products I have accumulated, to share with my colleagues.  I have virtually stopped accepting offers to try new bath products, because I know nothing will out perform my dynamic duo, which I hereby anoint with Holy Grail status.

I am really trying to pare down my beauty purchases and have faith that I have found, "The One"...OK, in this case "The Two" items per category that I love and call it a day. I just finished by bath time ritual with a good dose of Burts Bee's Radiance Body Lotion, a Holy Grail  that I have blogged about many times.

And on that note, I wish you a good night and pleasant dreams...


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