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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

10 Makeup Myths that are Making You Look Older

The beautiful Helen Mirren

I am a fan of  I have no clue how they ended up on my email feed, but I will admit that at least one article each day catches my interest.  Today's stop me in my tracks read?  Celebrity makeup artist Andrew Sotomayer's round up of beauty busting myths. Topic? Makeup that will age us and tips and techniques that won't/

Interested?  Me too.

Surprise?  Only one...Andrew recommends using shimmering shadows on the eyes.  Intuitively, I have always thought exactly the opposite, imagining that  shimmer accentuates wrinkles.  Andrew's take? " Sparkling shadows brighten eyes by distracting from imperfections like dark circles. And the shimmering particles break up light, creating their own unique texture that hides roughness and wrinkles on lids

The rest of the round up were things I know and practice, but I thought they were all worth sharing with you. Click here to see all of Andrew's recommendations.  Well done!

What's my favorite anti-aging beauty tip?  A radiant smile...take a good look at Helen's photo.  She radiates femininity, beauty and confidence, which is truly ageless.



  1. Marcus Monson of Guerlain told me the same thing about using an ultra fine shimmer. (I'm 71) We're not talking about chunks of glitter or heavy frosts. We're talking about refined luminous shades that can bring light and life to the eyes. In particular, those of us with deep set eyes do well to capture the light by using a bit of shimmer.

  2. I tried it today Eileen and I was SHOCKED to see how pretty my lids looked and how much it brightened my eyes. Marcus knows his stuff! Thanks for sharing your experience.




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