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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Tom Ford Counter...

I attended a Polyvore  evening event on a gorgeous rooftop in Rockefeller Center a few weeks back. With such close proximity to Saks Fifth Avenue (yes, that one), what were the chances that I would skip a cruise thru their illustrious cosmetics department???

Exactly none.

I had the feeling this was going to be my long awaited Tom Ford  counter encounter...The one where I would finally breakdown and spend $50 on a lipstick, though it has always resonated poorly with my usual spendthrift being; their wax embedded with precious metals? What am I missing? Better yet, why am I lusting???

Debbi OShea and Jamal Walker of Burberry
I had the good fortune of never quite making it to the TF counter.  Instead, I met acclaimed N.Y. makeup artist Jamal Walker, who resides over the Burberry Cosmetics Counter, a line that is not available in Greenwich, where I usually shop for my cosmetics.

How fortuitous.

Jamal, who is well known for his professional work for photo shoots and private client events, was perfectly versed on all things Burberry. (You can see his work on his Facebook Page  and call him directly at 201-875-0887.)

I told Jamal I was on a mission to find the perfect lipstick and liner; something softer than what I usually wear, but with enough definition that I wouldn't look washed out. I then let him choose what he thought would look best. I also asked him what is the one product I can't leave the counter without.

Burberry's Fresh Flow Luminous Base
Nude Radiance

Dusty Rose Velvet Lip Cover

Sepia Lip Liner

Without missing a beat, he suggested Dusty Rose, from their "Velvet" lip collection. The velvets are loaded with ceramides and nourishing oils so the feel is fantastic. They also have just the barest hint of radiance...Love at first swipe.

He found the lip pencil of my dreams in Sepia, a gorgeous nude neutral that looks like my natural lip color... Sold.  Always appreciated is the fact that it comes with its own sharpener...nothing more frustrating than further shmushing a new dulled point with an ill fitting sharpener from another brand.

Lastly, he couldn't say enough good things about the fresh, dewy glow that Nude Radiance Luminous Base provides, even demonstrating it first on himself. Applied under or over makeup, this thin, cool liquid instantly took 5 years off my face.

Spectacular!  Take a look at the picture above. I love the look of Jamal's choices and I have been using and enjoying them ever since. We bonded immediately, I look forward to following his career and visiting with him again in NYC.

I highly recommend you do too.  Jamal's personal slogan is "reinventing beauty". Now that he has won my confidence, I look forward to his future recommendations. We can all use a little "reinventing" from time to time, dontchathink???


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