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Friday, June 13, 2014

Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 3% Facial Wash

Peter Thomas Roth
Glycolic Acid 3% Facial Wash
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME...or anywhere else for that matter...I'm hoping I don't go blind...

A colleague of mine likes to catch up with me every few months to pick my brains about my latest product loves and have me weigh in on her current skincare routine. (Besides Diva, my other alias at work is Dr. Deb.)

She reminded me that in the past, I had turned her on to Yale educated, Dr. Jeffrey Dover's Glycolic Cleanser   She's right; it was an outstanding begin with, Dr. Dover's line was sold exclusively at CVS so it was cheap and cheerful.  It also had an amazing gel texture, was infused with just the right amount of glycolic acid and left both of our faces dewy and glowing. I had long forgotten it..

Sadly, its been discontinued and even Dr. Dover doesn't sell it on his website.  I did a quick scan of both EBay and Amazon and assured her that plenty of product is still out there...just not to wait years to purchase it.

Naturally, it planted a little bee in my bonnet about the virtues of glycolic cleansers, so while I was at Sephora today getting a new Clarisonic  Mia brush head, I picked up Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 3% Facial Wash. PTR is well known for his Glycolic pads and I have used and liked them myself, so I figured his cleanser would be a safe bet.


I liked the look of the packaging, until I realized that the clear bottle makes reading the directions impossible.  Perhaps they recommend that you apply it with safety goggles on and I missed it...I still don't know.

Then I couldn't get anything to pour out. Naturally I figured the bottle was sealed so I removed the cap. Nope. Nada. Mine just wasn't pouring, so I removed the top again and added a dime size amount to my new Clarisonic brush.


Where was all the lovely foam I read about in the reviews?  It was a drippy mess which soon landed directly in my right eye.


I stopped what I was doing to douse my eye in cool water.  It continued to burn.
I finished washing my face and began rinsing.  I think it may have stripped my skin down to the bone. It left my face sticky and tight.  It still feels that way, despite the copious amount of moisturizers I applied afterwards. My eye is still red and burning.

Is Glycolic Acid or Battery Acid???  Do I sound a little cranky here???

Glycolic Cleanser's can be a fabulous adjunct to your skincare routing used two or three times a week--just not this one.

Of course this is being promptly returned and yes, I will purchase Dr. Dover's cleanser on Amazon--it really was a too. Dr. Dover had the right philosophy behind his product, "First Do No Harm"...

Wishing you a beautiful and safe weekend.


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