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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I.C.E. call Divadebbi

I have been fielding some interesting phone calls lately...panicked pals, calling me from their cell phones, from CVS. In a blur of sensory overload, they are trying to navigate the Olay emporium, that has sprouted on the shelves.

My first remembrance of a "special" face cream, was the bottle of Oil Olay Beauty Fluid, on my grandmother's dressing table. A clever marketing feat, Oil of Olay was never described as a moisturizer or creme...but a, "beauty fluid". The original formula was pink and lightweight with a gentle scent. "Share the Secret of a Younger Looking You". My grandmother, Constance, was nearly lineless, (even until her death at age 89), and I remember thinking, "gee... this stuff must work".

If only it was that easy today!!!...Olay has not one product, but 5 complete lines, Definity, Regenerist, Total Effects, Complete and Quench, that all fall in their, "anti-aging" stable. I don't have the vaguest clue, how any consumer could figure out which of these brands, would benefit them most. I am not sure why they are competing with themselves, because in addition consumers are also sorting through CVS's private label Olay knockoffs, Loreal's multi brands, Neutrogena, Aveeno, Roc and Garnier's youth potions.

So, girls, I feel your pain, because I too, need to focus, focus, focus to find my tried and trues: Olay Total Effects Age Defying Cleansing Cloths, for normal to dry skin, (packaged in a black box). These babies, remove 98% of your make up, including waterproof liner and mascara and travel beautifully, in a zip lock Baggie. Follow, with, Regenerist Daily Mini Peel, (large black tube, cap on the bottom). Infused with glycolic acid and gentle exfoliating grains, this lavender cleanser warms to your touch, removes the dregs of any leftover make up and will leave you beaming. Next, apply some type of serum to prep your skin and bind to Regenerist Micro- Sculpting Cream ,(burgundy jar, look for it on sale, for $24.99). This the cherry on your post cleansing nightly routine, repeated in the a.m. along your jaw line. Please print this blog for future reference.

In a pinch, In Case of Emergency, it's still O.K. to speed dial me. Oh, the things we do in the name of friendship.


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