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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hands Off

Christopher, (my darling colorist), if you are starting this particular blog, STOP!!! You have been gracious about my other antics, but this one might forever sever us.

I have blogged about Christopher before, when I wrote about the newly refurbished Warren Tricomi salon in Greenwich. Christopher is an oasis of calm. Despite the fact that I have come in with sun bleached, root dyed hair, that has turned paprika, under the pin lights), he masks his horror dutifully.

On my first post summer visit, he politely inquired about, "what particular Root Perfect shade are you using, in between visits"? "Medium brown". "Ummmmmm, long pause. Alrighty then". Right then and there I pledged to myself, to get my bootie back sooner, so Christopher would not have to be overly taxed about fixing my handiwork. (I have visions of him in the back room, frantically leafing through thick Color Textbooks, and jotting down reverse formulas, after reviewing the entire Periodic Table of Elements).

In a master stroke of genius, Christopher has resurrected my head to a rich, glossy brunette, with a smattering of caramel highlights. As usual, carpool duty beckons and Chris never gets to do a final inspection.

I am all about the tweak...I am fastidious about fit, and always ask my clients to try on their alterations, just in case we need a little pinch in, out, up or down. Same goes with hair, but the process is a lot more time consuming. I notice that the hair that frames my face underneath was looking a little, "solid", (Christopher's word), and schedule a revisit.

Chris, if you really are reading this, really, please stop. I cannot be responsible, for your resuming your nicotine habit.

I was in Target, yes Target, (God, do I love this place), to pick up generic Claritan (120 tabs for $13.97, unbeatable), and as usual leave with a trunk full of junk.

In my travels, I spy Garnier's "Color Breaks", an at home highlighting kit, to, "break-up your solid, color-treated hair". Ummmmmmmm. Alrighty then.... Into the cart, goes the kit for medium to dark brown hair. My revisit is already scheduled, and I already know that I probably can't bring Christopher anything worse to fix, than I already have, over the last 9 years.

This morning, I was the chemist, easily mixing the powder and activator, and I applying the mixture, as directed to damp hair. The directions call for 20 minutes, but I know I am pushing this whole project and hop in the shower after just 7.

Sooooo, what the verdict??? Did I keep my revisit or cancel??? Christopher, if you are still reading this, you already know...cancelled. I done, done it, and it looks fab...Beginners luck, I am certain. To me this is the equivalent of doing a home appendectomy...better left to the pros.

Christopher darling, see you in six, unless of course, I am fired.



  1. hey b- day queen.
    i wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, i hope you enjoy the tiara, and Im jealous that you got the shirt but you are the fashionista and it is well deserved.
    xox sara

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Sara Sweetie,
    Thank you so much!!! LOVED my tiara from you...if the crown fits...
    Mom's gift of the vintage YSL blouse gave me goosebumps!!! She knew just how much that would mean to me.
    Can't wait to rock it, with jeans and a little black tank, great boots.

    Love to you both,

  4. How cute is my girl!!

    love you! One day we will do a girl thing in nyc...when she's a little older and you can take her on a spree!

  5. I spent that entire post nearly peeing myself of laughter.

    Lady, go into beauty comedy, you are hilarious!

    I too have had some serious color mishaps "experimenting" on my own and have almost always regretted it (except with semi-perm color, course) and a myriad of judgemental stylists.

    Keep up the great blog, I'll keep checking back now that I've discovered it.

  6. Dear Lelaelena,
    Thanks so much!!! You made my morning.

    Please keep reading and share me!

    Best and xox,



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