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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Simply Smashing!

I've got the itch...not just to update my fall wardrobe (which is shaping up to include pencil skirts, lots of knitwear, some crisp cotton shirts, chiffon blouses, trimmer trousers, with both wider and narrow bottoms and flat boots. I can't figure out anything else for footwear. Flats for me, are an off duty only option. I confess, to feeling awkward and trannie at 6'0 ft., in 4 inch heels, the only height being offered this fall. A conundrum, to be sure, but, I digress).

Part 2, of any new season, has to include new make up, and while I am not suggesting blindly following any make up trend that doesn't personally suit you, fresh, updated product just feels like the finishing touch.

After exercise class today, (which the divine Cindy Sites, taught personally), I crawled into the Sephora, on Greenwich Avenue. I just love it there---ample room to browse, friendly helpful help, and exclusive specials.

What caught my eye, was a gorgeous Smashbox kit, called Master Class (vol. 3), Complexion Perfection. Beautifully packaged, this nearly full sized kit, contained 7 pieces, including their cult favorite Photo Finish Luminizing Primer. The kicker was the price...a $175.00 value for a mere $59.00!!! The High Definition Healthy Foundation, in Medium, matched my (self bronzed) cheek to perfection...usually I have to bump up 6 shades, so I don't look like a Geisha. I then tried the, Photo Op Under Eye Brightener and topped it with a tiny dot, of the full coverage concealer. Nicey, nicey. Also included were a pressed powder, a bronzer, a Baby Kabuki and travel foundation brush, and a DVD, to explain tips and tricks, step by step. Wowza!

Now the kicker...sold out in the Medium!!! "Will I be able to purchase this online"???, I asked with a catch in my throat. "Absolutely"! As well, as a Sephora Beauty Insider (a worthwhile perk, that offers wonderful goodies to sample), I did not have to pay shipping. Yippee!

I recently met Davis Factor, in the IMG hospitality suite, at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Laid back and charming, I didn't make the connection to Max Factor, his great grandfather!

Davis and his brother Dean, founded Smashbox in 1991 in L.A., as a professional studio for models, celebraties and photographers. Their ingenious, sweat proof formulas, created flawless images for stills and films. Industry insiders clamored. Inspired to bring the same high quality products, sleekly packaged to consumers, a hugely successful brand was launched. Today Davis and Dean have expanded their L.A. headquarters to include 5 studios, a sound stage, a beauty agency and a production company.

So, I have met two cosmetic family titans in the last few weeks, the Lauder's and the Factor's. Anytime you want to do lunch guys, I will see what I can do, to arrange it. Can you tell??? I am lovin this...


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