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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Semi Permanent

Most people fall into two camps...Cold weather lovers, who day dream about hitting the slopes and winding down, with a good glass of brandy before a roaring fire or warm weather lovers, who prefer frolicking on the beach and enjoying the long daylight hours. I am firmly in the latter camp, until of course the mercury is in the 90's and the frizz index is measured by my unruly follicles.

I don't think you can have it both only get to complain about one type of weather system, so even if I am melting, I try not to woe and moan. This is psychological warfare, so the first step is to, "act as if", which means wearing a lot of white bottoms, sheer diaphanous tops that don't cling and tidy ponytails. The goal is to look cool and non plussed... "Hot"? "Really??? Ya think so"??? This must be said, even as beads of sweat are forming on your upper lip.

Which brings me to a whole new level of (no investment) make up, that has to be purchased for the, "dog days" of summer. I have been a Bobbi Brown "Ink" eyeliner gel devotee for quite sometime. It takes dedication to go through a whole pot, but finally, the ink well has run dry. One of the things I like best about this product, is its stay put power, what I like least, is its difficult application. My fine motor skills are not that sharp, (ask anyone who has ripped the scissors and gift wrapping paper out of my hands in disgust), but when it comes to make up skills, I am an idiot savant. If I have trouble with this stuff, the lay person, should not consider attempting it. Could I find an eyeliner pencil that would deposit as much color as my beloved BB, was easier to manipulate, did not look "too" perfect, (as liquid liner can) and would not budge, until I was ready to remove it???

Yes I can...and it's a keeper. Over the years, I have dabbled in Revlon's ColorStay stable and stay, they do. They were having a special two for one, so I chose the Black and Blackberry combination, and for $6.59, had no complaints. It lines cleanly and easily and lasted, without touch ups. The other thing I was looking for was a heavy duty, budge proof concealer...something that might cover, say a port wine stain or difficult acne. That way, I would be assured that it wouldn't melt off my more minor flaws, when the temperature soars. I purchased Physician's Formula, "Conceal Rx", at CVS, and will vouch for it's ability to cover anything. Only the tiniest bit of product is needed, optimum application is with a pointed nylon concealer applicator. I could easily turn my body into a human canvas and cover every freckle and flaw...if I had a week.

Stay cool my lovelies, or do as I do...fake it.


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