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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ole Olay (Part 1)

I am happy to report, that Divadebbi, was recently picked up by two Internet media companies, Glam Media and Both sites have tons of interesting articles and Fashion and Beauty blogs, which I enjoy trolling (links to both are on the right side under the "fold", my new lingo). Check 'em out, when you have a free nanosecond...

One of the things I like best about Totalbeauty, is that by category, every nook and cranny that has a product devoted to it, is reviewed by Blogger's like me and reader's like you. I now use it as a regular resource, to check on products, "scores" and reviews, before purchasing them.

Totalbeauty's raves for Olay's Firming and Sculpting, Regenerist, was the final push I needed to go out and buy it. I loved it so much, I recently blogged about it. The next step, was to check out how Olay Regenerist's, Daily Rejuvenating Serum fared, since fellow reviewers also lavished it with praise and a "9" out of 10 stars. Mid aisle, I hit a mental roadblock...right above the Olay offerings, were the CVS cousins, promising the same ingredients and effectiveness for $5 bucks less. I already feel like I am slumming it a bit, buying my skin care regimen in the same place you can purchase bowel cleanser... Am I penny pinching, to the point, where I am buying generic mass beauty products???... Apparently. After checking the ingredients, and finding they were not only identical, but listed in identical order, I figured, why not? I took it as a heads-up, that they were offering a "fragrance free" version, and went ahead and bought it.

Now, if this stuff, which smells hard boiled eggs and cyanide, is the "fragrance free" version, I can't imagine what kind of olfactory bullet I've dodged. Coupled with the slightly, greasy texture, I am hitting the remorse button, and trolling the trash for my receipt. Lo and behold, it is settling in nicely and I am on the verge of glow. I am gonna keep it, but next time I will splurge for the "good stuff".


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