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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Hoo Ha Spa

I still can't quite believe the article I read in today's N.Y. Time's, Thursday's Style section. Normally, the second page is devoted to a column they call "Skin Deep", covering all the latest news in creams, lasers and treatments, for the face and body, (apparently, every inch of it). It is well written and informative, so I always look forward to see what they are reporting on.

To my amazement, Dr. Laura Romanazi, an Associate Clinical Professor, at N.Y. Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Hospital, is opening a fitness spa for your vagina, on East 58th St. EXCUSE ME??? "Phit" is an acronym for, "Pelvic Health Integrated Techniques". Dr. Romanazi, will determine your hoo ha's fitness, and then, in her role as, "personal trainer", coach you, on Kegel strengthening exercises. In addition, the "post menopausal" set, can avail themselves to skin tightening vulva treatments, (Botox and Restylane can't be far behind). Why not hire one of the "J" sisters to set up a Brazilian outpost, so Phit can be truly full service???

I know I am a little behind the times...On a girls trip to the Bahama's two years ago, I was shocked to find out from my gal pals (all of whom were girl Mom's), that it is quite common, amongst the teen set, to wax or shave, so they looked like their former pre pubescent selves. I immediately needed my sister Loren's input on the subject, and placed a stateside call at midnight...Was this a suburban thing, or were the City girls up to the same tricks, and by the way, where did my niece weigh in on this trend??? To my disappointment, she would neither wake her up to ask or go take a sneak peek...

"Phit" seems more like an L.A. thing to me, but maybe I have got it all wrong...this could be the next big thing...In the meanwhile, I can't wait to see who shows up for the opening night party, Keep your ears perked...or something.



  1. The Hoo Ha Spa? Oh I love you!

  2. Seriously Sis,
    Did ya evah??? I am surprised they are not teaching Kegel exercises in Gym classes these days...Push ups, pull ups and pull ins...




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