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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Total Beauty's 13 Best Moisturizing Lipsticks

Totally over matte lipsticks?  I hope so...Frankly, I've never understood the trend or liked the dry, mask like feeling they impart. Funny how matte, cycles its way back into fashion every couple of years, isn't it? I guess every 20 something should experience them at least once in their lifetime .

My favorite lipsticks feel almost balm like.  Finding one that is highly pigmented, however, can be challenging.

Total Beauty  did a nice little slide of their reader and editor's favorite moisturizing lipsticks...I will absolutely being saying NO, to Cle de Peau Beaute's Chinoiserie Chic Lipstick for, deep breath now, $65!!!
And I thought Tom Ford's were outrageously priced at $50!

Seriously Lovelies, didyaevah???

For sure, I will at some point try the Burt's Bee's recommendation, though I suspect, since it's billed as a, "Glossy", that the pigmentation will be an issue. The color range is also quite limited.

For $9, I'll take my chances...

What did catch my eye and the happy meter on my wallet was Urban Decay's Vice Lipstick for $17.  Apparently the total lineup includes over 100 shades, weights and finishes.  The one they are touting are their creams.

With luck, one of them will be my preferred shade of rosy nude They are available at both Sephora and Ulta, which is convenient. I'll be checking them out and reporting back soon...


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