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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick

BareMinerals Gen Nude Lipstick
Here in Mantra $20

Have I gone daft??? Three things;  1) Are BareMinerals and BareEscentuals the same brand???  I still don't know... 2) It took me 15 minutes to figure out that "Gen" alludes to "Generation".  I'm pretty, pretty sure, nude lipstick has been around since Ultima II launched The Nakeds, but perhaps, to a new "Gen", everything old is new again. 3) Do you ever think it's a good idea for a company to describe a color as " dirty mauve"??? It almost made we want to wipe it off and go return it!

Silly, daft me, I was at Ulta today gift shopping, and actually hoped to replace a shade I love, from BareSomebody, called Marvelous Moxie Chase Your Dreams.  No such luck, Gen Nude is the new iteration of Marvelous Moxie. ( to the rescue, I found it online.)

All gripes aside, Bare Minerals Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick,is a very buttery, balmy lipstick with rich, medium coverage. I knew my pick, the "dirty" Mantra was more brown hued then Chase Your Dreams, but thought it would be a pretty winter shade, so I'm glad I purchased it.

With 20 shade offerings, if you prefer a nude lip, this well priced lipstick is a great option.  It feels great on and considering how creamy it is, has good wear. I had been curious about Gen Nudes, since seeing that they had made Allure's Best of Beauty 2016 list, in the Lipstick Category.

Here more details for those of you who like the specifics:

Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick is addictively creamy color with medium coverage and balmy shine. Formulated with natural oils and butters to moisturize, smooth and condition lips, with a subtle vanilla scent.

Active ingredients:
  • Mango, cocoa and shea butters: Moisturizing and smoothing; imparts a creamy texture

  • Medium coverage
  • Moisturizing color
  • Demi-shine finish
  • Addictive creamy texture
  • Formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates.
  • Vegan formula
  • Gluten-free and not tested on animals

Gen Nude was developed for all skin tones and lip tones, to be a playground of nude lip shades for everyone, from makeup novice to artist. Whether you want an edgy, blanked-out nude look, a natural your-lips-but-better nude, or a deeper neutral contrast color, you're guaranteed to find shades for any look. Blend and layer colors and finishes for infinite ways to go nude.

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Lipstick is a goodie. Good luck finding them...


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