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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Think You Can't Wear Red Lipstick??? Think Again...

Anne Hathaway

Penelope Cruz

You know who....

I could never figure out why red lipstick looked so garish and ghoul like on me. Plenty of blondes, and some notable brunettes, like the ones above, look stunning with a bold red lip...What was I doing so wrong???

Saturday night was the Greenwich Hospital Gala. This years honoree, was Dr. James Sabetta.  Apparently, this incredibly skilled Dr., is the Sherlock Holmes of infectious diseases.  When everyone else is flummoxed, Dr. Sabetta is your dude. Good To Know.  The theme for the event was "Moulin Rouge", which in my mind, could only call for a red dress and conversely, a red lip.

What to do???

Well for starters, buy my very first red lipstick.  It was CVS or nothing...No way was I investing in anything pricey, since I was sure this would just be a one time gig.

It had to start with a liner, so I opted for Milani's sweetly priced True Red Milani Color Statement LipLiner for $4.99. Impressively, it glide on and then stay put!  I will be looking for a dupe of my Mac Soar, a perfect pink nude.

I then opted for two Revlon products I've used before...Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick and ColorStay Lip Gloss. both in, well, red.

Since nothing ever worked before, I figured I best start from scratch, so I removed all my makeup and started, concealer, brows and eyes. So far, so good.  Then I went for the lips.  Hmmm...nothing scary. Why was this working???

Then it dawned on me!  No blush! No blush!!!  Yes, yes! mystery of the ages solved.  I used just a dusting of contour powder and voila!

I was rocking a red lip!!!

As I studied the photos above of Anne, Kim and Penelope, it is crystal clear that by eliminating blush and creating only two points of drama, one can escape looking like Sweet Baby Jane.

Now that I'm enlightened,  to go a little crazy and try MAC's cult favorite Matte Burgundy lipstick in, what else?  Diva.

So what do you say Lovelies???  What a nice way to zshush up for the Holidays and now you too, know how it's done!



  1. What also helps is to sometimes apply a slightly lighter shade in the middle of the lip. Like the Diva one you want to try, if you find it too vampish just add a bit of a lighter berry shade in the middle or dab a bit of pink in the middle to give it some light. I am dark haired and olive skinned so I look good in red lipstick, but if I had to give advice I would say dont use gloss, red lips look better velvety rather than shiny in my opinion..or at least blotted. If you are looking for a cheaper dupe of Diva, Wet n Wild have one called Cherry Bomb.

  2. I forgot to add, you are SO right about the blush! I never used blush when wearing red lips, only a bit of bronzer as a blush or a light tan blush.

  3. Thank you Vivella!
    I love and appreciate your tips! I completely agree about the gloss! Next time I would definitely do matte only.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!




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