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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving and Great Beauty Steals and Deals

I love Thanksgiving, don't you?  Family, food, traditions and did I mention FOOD???  This definitely the one day of the year that I don't think about resisting anything.  TG is pretty much a carb and savory feast, and if you are going to slip one day a year, I think this is the one to go for.

This is our first Thanksgiving without my beloved mother Joan. I remember all of my life waking up to the smells of her gorgeous turkey. In those days we were an enormous group with bigger appetites.  How is it possible that we also had turkey soup, antipasto and a pasta course in additional to a traditional dinner and enough desserts to rival your average diner? Wonderful memories!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not just about flat screen T.V.s and down vests.  The beauty biz wants their share of your wallet too..

The Huffington Post did a nice, alphabetically listed, round up, of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Beauty Steals and Deals. O.K., there were a few brands I've never heard of...plenty I did.  Click here  to see them all.

A few more:

Clinique:  25% off plus free shipping, with code 25OFF

Tarte Cosmetics- 25% off plus free shipping on all orders over $25 with code FRIYAY.

Stila- 25% off plus free shipping.  The perfect time to buy my new and forever Holy Grail Mascara Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara.

Dr. Brandt Skincare- Is offering a whopping 45% off for Black Friday. If your a fan, here's your opportunity to restock and and enjoy amazing savings.

So many online temptations abound!  I'm going to enjoy my guests and put my little hand held magic machine away for the day...remember when people actually made eye contact and had conversations??? I'm thinking about collecting everyone's smart phones at the door while I hang up their coats.

That would truly be nostalgic!  Wishing you all safe travels, Happy Turkey, a moratorium on politics and a wonderful day. I'm thankful for most of my family, my amazing friends and colleagues, and you, my lovely, loyal readers...


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  1. Happy thanksgiving. Nice post.



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