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Thursday, December 3, 2015

10 Top Derms Share Their Own Tips for Beautiful Skin

I honestly can't remember the last time I have seen a copy of Self in print. I do, however, enjoy some of their online articles, particular ones related to beauty. Everyday I eyeball at least a dozen beauty articles. This one caught my attention for a full read.

Self asked 10 top Dermatologist's to reveal some of the personal things they do, to ensure their own healthy skin.  They asked some of the most respected and renown names in the business.  Their tips are simple, but smart. Easy things we can all incorporate into our daily routines.

My fave was #6, courtesy of Yelena Yeretsky of NYC. Turns out upon a third reading, that she is not a dermatologist, but an anti-aging aesthetician that they quoted and included, (hence my lopping of their list from 11 to 10.) Food for thought... nonetheless, her tip sounds a lot more palatable then using Preparation H on your face and if used sparingly, 'probably' could do no harm. I await Self's correction...

Too see the complete list, click here.  What's your fave???


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