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Monday, October 26, 2015

Psssst...Which Dry Shampoo is the Best?

My Collection of Dry Shampoos

Look what I found---and I don't even like the stuff...The only thing that is missing is Pssssst, the original dry shampoo, circa 1973? Remarkably, it's still around, just repackaged for a few new generations.

Here, are their stories:

Kerastase Powder Bluff has earned a couple of repeat performances.  I'll tell you up front, it's the best of the bunch.  For starters it goes on CLEAR, no corn or rice starch residue, that dull the hair and ages you 25 years in 8 seconds flat.  It also smells fabulous, so if you really can't wash your hair, this is the only one that will make your hair smell vaguely clean.  It adds some volume, pumping up limp locks, for a few hours at least.
Downside? The price.  Kerastase Powder Bluff is expensive. Expect to pay close to $29, hence my quest to find something as good for less.

Batiste Dry Shampoo (for Medium Brunettes)  was born overseas.  Often, that gives products a patina of know, your smuggling it back in your suitcase after a week in Paris. Reviews are stellar, it's well priced and I was intrigued that it had a some color added to it, so I might not look like I'm auditioning to play Auntie Em. Net, net it was still somewhat chalky and didn't to a thing to freshen my hair.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo is the only dry shampoo that claims to actually, "clean your hair". There's science to back it up allegedly.  I was hoping for clear, but still got chalky, that was hard to brush out and left my hair duller than dishwater. Really, it's a coin toss as to which is less appealing dirty hair or cleaner hair that looks dirty.  It's packed and ready to go back to Sephora...

Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo was purchased at the suggestion of one of my stylists.  She uses it not to refresh hair, but to add volume to clean hair, after a blow out.  I can see the volume, but I can also see the dull residue.  Coulda lived without it. Wish I had...

Dove Dry Shampoo was lovingly touted by Celebrity Hairstylist Mark Townsend in an article I read on line in Beauty Editor, claiming to even spray it on hairpins before doing an updo, for added texture. Townsend claims it is the absolute best he has tried.  For $2.99, I can be a sport. Wouldn't it have been the absolute best if my results matched his?  Sadly, they did not.

So my lovelies, there you have it.

What about you?  Have you had any luck with dry shampoo?  Please share if you have...

Kerastase Powder Bluff is the star.  At that price it should be, but I try not to need to use it very often  My best defense against dirty hair?  I don't sweat, which is a reasonable feat for a gym rat. My secret???  I don't sweat. Do you know the old adagie about having to choose between your arse and your face as you age? To that I will add, at some point, you may have to choose between your heart and your hair. It seems I've chosen the latter; no cardio but plenty of Pilates. 

My hair at this very moment is borderline. The plan is an early rise to wash and blow it out. In a pinch, I'll spray and go and sweep it up in a half updo with a small butterfly clip.

It will do.  It will have too...#mendonthavetheseproblems



  1. I actually like Redken dry shampoos: Redken's Pillow proof blow dry two day extender and Redken powder refresh 01. The powder refresh leaves a white powder behind, whereas the Redken pillow proof does not ( I prefer this one).

  2. Thanks Sigy827!
    Two days is about when thing need refreshing! As long as it's clear, I will give this a whirl, when my Powder Bluff runs out.




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