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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nyakio Kenyan Coffee Body Scrub

Nyakio Kenyan Coffee Body Scrub
10.5 oz $55

A year or two ago, decided I want to make my own coffee body scrub, and debut it as the first product in DivaDebbi Skincare. I tried many combinations of coffee grounds, sugar, and various oils to see if I could perfect a sustainable concoction. Mostly, I made a mess of my shower, but I still liked the combination of exfoliation and moisture.

Nyakio Kenyan Coffee Body Scrub beat me to the punch. Nyakio is named for the founders grandmother, who, "worked on a sustainable coffee farm.  After spending the day outdoors in the sun, she would boil down beans with honey and the grounds to her skin, using a sugarcane rod to exfoliate and soften her skin".

And I thought I was toiling, mixing stuff up in my pantry...

Nyakio Kenyan Coffee Body Scrub is made with coffee beans, sugar, mongongo nut oil, shea butter and jojoba and avocado oil, (damn, if only I had used that mongongo oil). When I was offered the opportunity to sample it, I leaped.

It is best applied to wet skin and rubbed on in a circular motion.  I liked how the combination of sugar and coffee worked to gently exfoliate my body, (though I was hoping for a bit more coffee.) The oils are not overly greasy which was good news for my moisturizing my body and better news for my shower stall. The scent was stronger than I imagined it would be, but it dissipates with water.

Basically, just what I wanted.  Am I  a little bitter?  Maybe just a touch, but it takes an awful lot to bring a product to market and Nyakio has a wonderful story behind it too boot. Truly, it's a lovely product.

Maybe next time for me...


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