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Sunday, May 25, 2014

La Peau Skincare: Perfect Then, Perfect Now

La Peau's Blockbuster Skincare Trio
Night Day and Eye Creams $235

The results speak for themselves!

I have been faithfully been using La Peau Skincare, more or less, for 2.5 years. I do take time out to exhaustively sample other products, but given my druthers, I will loyally purchase La Peau time and again. Why??? It works.  My skin literally craves it.

La Peau has a gorgeous gel consistency that your skin will drink up.  The first thing you will notice is the glow.  Over the next month you will  visibly notice a more even skin tone, firmness and diminished fine lines and dark spots.

So will everybody else...

I am proud to be their Brand Ambassador because I so believe in the products and the science behind them. Nicely, I often receive compliments on my skin and I always credit La Peau for helping me look my best every day.

 I also adore the fact that the line consists of just 3 products: Age Defying Night Cream-Gel, Hydrating Complex Day Cream-Gel and Soothing and Replenish Eye Contour.

What could be simpler?

Nothing. Really.

For those of you who are curious, here is a bit more about my favorite Luxury Skincare Line from Switzerland:

"Citizens of the world", Carla-Maria and Irma Khanjian were born in Lebanon and live in Switzerland.  Carla and her sister Irma are now the proud owners of LA PEAU.

The company developed an anti-aging and antioxidant skincare range based on the usage of a new proprietary molecular complex - the BeCell. Stabilized after 4 years of research by prominent scientists & biotech experts from Geneva and Stanford Universities, the BCell complex, is the basis of the 3 products. LA PEAU's revolutionary complex helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Easily absorbed, it stimulates cellular metabolism to nourish and regenerate the skin after 28 days of daily use.

LA PEAU exhibited the highest antioxidant properties vs. 18 anti-aging products (*Including some of the real heavyweights: La Prairie,Sisley and Cellex-C).
The abstract of the study reports that the product LA PEAU exhibited the highest antioxidant activity level, much superior to the other 18 anti-aging products that were tested. The results represent a real breakthrough in cosmetics. "LA PEAU is the best antioxidant product on the market today and the most efficient anti-wrinkle treatment, " concluded Edel Therapeutics (EPFL-Lausanne). 

For those of you who wish to try it, Carla-Maria and Irma will graciously give you a 10% discount off any of the products, including the trio, which is already promotionally priced.  Simply mention DivaDebbi when you order and they will deduct it from your purchase.

The whole purpose of my blog is to share the best of beauty and skincare as I navigate the innumerable amount  products aimed at helping us retain youthful beauty.

La Peau? C'est magnifique!  See for yourself...


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