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Friday, April 25, 2014

Flashback Friday: Skinn Cosmetics Eyeshadow

Skinn Cosmetics  Eyeshadow Palette
Sometimes, I find the best place to shop for cosmetics is among my stash. Last March, I was sent this gorgeous palette called "Seduction" from creator and founder Dimitri James Skinn Cosmetics collection.

I was unfamiliar with the brand and Dimitri, though they both make frequent appearances on HSN.  Dimitri was a well known makeup artist for many years before starting his own company.

When he did, his goal was to combine luxurious products with rich anti-aging collagen boosting peptides--good plan!  It's such a no-brainer to combine the two, it's almost hard to conceive it's not the norm, though we are getting there.

Dimitri likes to use his talc-free shadows both wet and dry. The darkest shadow applied wet with a skinny brush, lines like a dream and stays in place all day...better than gels, liquids or pencils. I checked Dimitri's website and Seduction is still available.  The entire palette is soft and wearable.  You can check them out here, along with three others to choose from.

I know as we age we are supposed to wear less liner, but when I do, or if it has simply worn off, I look tired.

I'll take tarte over tired anyday...And you???


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