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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Grande Lash MD: 2.5 month update

Grand Lash MD

Back in November, I wrote about my friend Suzanne's extensions eyelashes. We have been more like sisters than friends, since we first met 8 years ago.  When I saw the phenomenal lash growth she had using Grande Lash MD, I had my shipment expedited.

Me jealous??? NAH!

Years ago, I had tried Latisse, and though I did experience spectacular growth, I pretty much felt as though I had ground glass in my eyes 24/7. Technically, I think the Latisse peeps would call that a reaction that would warrant discontinuation, but Diva was dumb and determined...Not surprisingly,  I could not sustain using it.

My eyes are not perfect either using Grande Lash MD. I recently saw my Ophthalmologist, Dr. Donna Denzel for an over due check up. (FYI, for the dilator adverse, like me, find out if your practice has the technology to take a picture of your iris instead.  There was an additional cost of $55, but it was a tiny price to pay for avoiding the hours of discomfort.)

Happily, my prescription for near nearsightedness hasn't changed in 30 years, only requiring me to wear them for night driving and theater, and I don't need reading glasses.  Maybe all my anti-aging stuff I apply topically is being absorbed!

I have both oily eyelids (SteriLid is a fabulous product for keeping the eye area pristine) and dry eye.  Was the Grande Lash MD exacerbating it?  Maybe just a bit, though she didn't say I had to discontinue using it, just skip a night here and there.


Here's what my lashes looked like one month after I started using Grande Lash MD:

1 month after using Grande Lash MD
One coat of mascara

2.5 months after using Grande Lash MD
One coat of mascara

I definitely see a difference in the length and thickness...don't you???

Oddly, they have not all grown to be the same length.  In both photos, I think you can see some longer spikes...still I'm not complaining--much.

If you are considering trying Grande Lash MD,  I would recommend buying it from their site, since they offer a money back guarantee. They also offer product for brows and hair, as well as a mascara, which I am temped to try.

The day I saw Suzanne's lashes, I wanted them STAT.  Listen, the time is going to fly by anyway, you might as well get started. You will be enjoying longer, thicker lashes in the blink of an eye...


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