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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: SteriLid Eyelid Cleanser

$19.99 at Drugstores 

I recently was diagnosed with a double eye infection. I woke up one morning and started fantasizing about scratching my lids with a spare toothbrush...not a good sign.

I managed to keep my hands off my lids all day and did a mental inventory of any new products I might be allergic to (none).  I sensed this was not an OTC situation. Fortunately, my friend Linda Levy was able to arrange for me to see her client, Dr. Donna Densel of Greenwich Opthamology Associates for a proper diagnosis.

Dr. Densel did a comprehensive exam and diagnosed a bacterial infection as well as a condition called, "Blepharitis", essentially oily eyelids that can be a magnet for bacteria.  In addition to prescription eye drops to clear my infection, Dr. Densel recommended using an OTC eyelid wash called SteriLid.

SteriLid is easy to use.  It's a foam that is applied with clean (SteriLidded) fingertips, on closed eyes for 60 seconds.  It's both gentle and pleasant smelling and contains "Linalool" a plant based oil used in many personal care products.  It is pH- matched to maintain healthy skin oils but wash away bacteria. I use it after removing my eye makeup every night.

I tell you this tale because of some lovely unexpected side effects from using SteriLid; uber clean lids, bright clear eyes in the morning and lush, super long lashes.  Obviously, I was unaware that I apparently had gunky, clogged follicles, because the difference is startling.

Might yours be too???

SteriLids can be used by anyone and is also recommended for people with chronic dry eye and is frequently recommended for use before and after eye surgery.

This is a good product to tuck in your mental filing cabinet and Dr. Densel is a great Dr. to care for your eyes.

I'll be back to see her again...infection free, I'm sure.


*P.S. Though I did, somehow, manage to live through two days without wearing eye makeup, I was ecstatic to learn from Dr. Densel that I  DID NOT have to throw out all of my current eye makeup!  The bacteria does not live beyond 48 hours.


  1. I too have blepharitis and there used to be a great product on the market that was really soothing.It was dicontinued and I have just been using Oil of Olay wipes for sensitive skin which workk great,but I will try these too.Thanks, Debbie

  2. wow..I am so sorry you have been going through this!! Blepharitis can be quite painful & am so glad you are better sweet friend:)

  3. Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for your concern. This is an exceptional product. I felt it was my duty to share it :)




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