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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Body

Essentially, I am on high alert for an anti-aging body lotion and if I ever do find it, I don't want to spend big bucks on it. And yes, I'm cranky..  Every mass market brand from Olay to LOreal has stepped up their game when it comes to anything north of the clavicle.   Is it really too much to ask for?  Somebody? I don't think so.

I'm no dope...I have used plenty of left over so-so facial products intended to "diminish fine lines, lighten age spots,repair and firm" on everything butt.  I don't quite understand why this is so elusive.  In the interim, while I seeth the one lotion I do keep coming back to and buy in two's is Nivea Essentially Enriched Daily Lotion for Very Dry, Rough Skin, which is certainly not.

As promised, with its infusion of Almond Oil and Sea Minerals it does provide "non-stop" 24 hour hydration.  I like how it feels going's more gel like than oily and it leaves a gorgeous glow on my skin. I have always loved the smell of Nivea and it reminds me of my youth, since my Mom has always been a fan of all things Dove and Nivea, (and frankly, often wonders if they brought her the wrong bundle in the hospital).  It all seems to be a 5 star favorite on the numerous sites that I checked reviews.

Me?  I'll dangle that fifth star---.throw me a bone...a little olive leaf extract, hyaluronic acid, coffee berry, glycolic acid, licorice root,  Vitamin C.  Something. Somebody... my head is starting to look like my bodies trophy wife.



  1. For all my more specialized body lotions and creams, this is my all-time favorite. I love the pump and I love how emollient it is, while sinking in quickly. And it smells so clean, like white cotton sheets in the sun. I always have several backups on hand. LOVE.

  2. ZuZu!
    Soo nice to hear from you! I'm glad you love it to, but I was so hoping you were chiming in with a Holy Grail body lotion with anti-aging ingredients! Why is this so elusive????

    Ya listening Proctor and Gamble???

  3. Hee! The only anti-aging body lotions I use are the ones that contain AHAs to help fade nasty melasma. But Nivea is my HG, so I was very glad to see you giving it the love it deserves. :)



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