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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Magic of Margo...and Mousse

When I look under my sink at the dozens of hair products that reside there, they fall distinctly into two camps:  Volumizers that build overall body and add lift to the roots and  Straighteners that tame frizz and add shine.   Therein lies the crux of my problem; I like volume but don't want to look dated.  I want shine but feel ridiculous with pin straight flat hair.  When I have my hair blown out professionally, inevitably that's what I end up with...that is of course, until I had a blow out for an event with Margo Levitin, Senior Stylist at Warren Tricomi, Greenwich, who understands that every now and then a Girl wants Housewife Hair, God help us.  This was an experience, requiring 4 hands, 5 round brushes (the size of turkey legs), a can of mousse and Margo's firm instructions.  It is no wonder that so many assistants have graduated to full time, successful stylists under Margo's bootcamp tutelage.  She is simply the best.  As requested, Helmet Hair with a Texas T.  Thanks Margo for letting me have my way, your way.  It was a blast!!!

It's been a looooong time since anyone used mousse in my hair. Could I recreate any of Margo's magic at home?  I can't deny that I did like the volume it provides, but not the tacky dullness.  I took a really good look under that sink, and saw an unused can of TRESemme Climate Control Mousse,  that I had picked up at the TRESemme booth they sponsor during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  TRESemme's philosophy is to provide women with "Professional, Affordable" hair care...makes sense to me.  Infused with keratin and olive oil, could the breakthrough product I have been dreaming about been living right under my nose???

Yup!   Created for all hair types, TRESemme Climate Control Mousse was formulated to " lock in moisture, provide UV protection and keep out static and humidity, by creating a barrier between you and the weather".  I used only one dollop of mousse, less than the 2 or 3 they recommend.  To my delight and amazement, my hair is both full and shiny a true oxymoron.   It required zero hair spray and no texturizing putty to keep strays at bay after washing, and nearly zero labor to get it to behave this morning.

I never thought it would be possible to better my best beauty bargain, Smith's Rosebud Salve, which I gifted to my event guests.  At $6 bucks a tube or tin, it is the last thing I use under my eyes before shutting them nightly, after applying them to my lips and cuticles.  At $3.50 a can, TRESemme Climate Control Mousse, just trumped it...Hey, it's no match for Margo, but nothing ever could.  


  1. Finding a great hairstylist is definitely the best! When you recreate the look at home, post some pictures!

    Katie for Ouidad



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