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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Home Stretch (Part 2)

I sometimes visit my clients homes, to help them edit their closets. I think it can be helpful, to have someone else tell you, "its gotta go", rather than swearing to yourself, even though you didn't wear them this year, next year, you are all about those gaucho pants.

Here's how to shop in your own closet:

1) At minimum, twice a year, when the seasons change, you must ruthlessly edit your closet. If you haven't put it on in three seasons, give it away. (You will not miss it, I swear).

2) Do you own a recently purchased, expensive mistake? If it is in perfect condition, take it to the best consignment store in your area. You may only receive a fraction of what you paid, but something is better than nothing. Do it sooner than later. The best consignment stores prefer the most current finds.

3) Donate whatever is tired, faded and pilled to Goodwill...if you do choose to wear it, it will look tired, faded and pilled. Basta!!!

4) Be creative. Chances are, your closet is filled with your best colors, so think out of the "outfit" box. Pull them apart and combine things differently... If I had a dollar for every time a client said, "Wow"!!! "I never even thought of putting that together", I wouldn't be writing this Blog.

Yup, accessorize!!! What is hanging there now, that can be revived with a chunky high heeled strappy sandal, a t-strap flat, a great cuff, a belt and a bold turquoise necklace??? That pencil skirt, with a crisp white blouse. The A-line printed skirt from last year with a v-neck tee shirt. Belt a cardigan over a sheath dress or layer it over a collared shirt and wear it with wide leg pants. Wear your favorite, best fitting white jeans and shorts, with last years tunics, a polka dot tee shirt with a flutter sleeve, a ruffled bright pink tank top, or a sexy, black one shouldered sweater, that will segue nicely into fall. Learn new ways to use that pile of Hermes scarves...I love to wear them as halters under jackets and cardigans.

That and a little attitude, is all you need...It worked for Jackie. Don't fret---Labor Day, will be here in a blink. With all that money we are saving, think about all those goodies, we can buy in the Fall...just sayin'.



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