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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Well, it's a toss up...I don't know who I think is sexier, or who I have the bigger crush on-Mary-Louise Parker (as Nancy Botwin) or Demian Bichir (as Esteban Reyes), in "Weeds" on Showtime. If you are not a Weeds watcher, I insist you go out and purchase seasons 1,2 & 3, and hole up for a weekend, so you can purchase Showtime on Demand and catch up to next weeks 9th episode, season 4, by next Monday. I haven't felt this much crush heat, since Scott Wolfe walked into Mr. Barton's classroom in 6th grade.

I have heard Mary-Louise Parker, referred to as a, "thinking man's, sex symbol" apt description, but please, don't leave out the ladies...more like a "thinking person's, sex symbol". As the pot smuggling, widow and Mom on Weed's, she is fearless, funny and adorable, fashionista. Potent, would be the best description, Demian Bichir, is portraying the, (very corrupt) Mayor of Tijuana. Smart, rich, powerful and gorgeous. I am gah-gah, over him. The last time I saw this much chemistry between two stars, was in the original Thomas Crown Affair, with Steve and Faye. Sizzling, or in Nancy and Estaban's case, muy caliente.

I have "bio"ed Demian, like a stalker, and have learned he is one of 3 brothers from Mexico, all talented, film and stage actors. He will be featured in an upcoming Steven Soderbergh film. I am certain, that between the two mediums, we will be seeing a lot more of him, stateside. Thank God.

I don't know when my heart was beating faster, during last night's Zumba class, or the back to back Weed's episodes, I watched when I got home...Nancy and Estaban finally, have at it. Foreplay was watching Estaban's exotic pet lion snack on a billy goat...Either I am whacked or you've got a lot of catching up to do. Weeds, is wonderful. I am already pouting over withdrawal... season 4 ends next month. Of course, Dexter will be filling their slot, but I have matter how cute, I draw the line, on serial killer crushes.



  1. Hi Deb....just wanted to let you and your readers know that you can seasons 1 and 2 on at no charge. MaryO in CO

  2. that should say "can watch"



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