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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Makeup 101 for Aging Faces

Image courtesy of the New York Times

I think we are all aware that as we age, our beauty routine must change...As a teen a painstakingly created lower centipede lashes daily.  Now I essentially just darken them for definition with one light coat.

I have been so much happier with the New York Times beauty coverage as of late.  The articles are much more informative and relatable, thank you very much.

I've never been all that interested in what is in anyone else's makeup bag, particularly an A-lister, with a case full of Tom Ford, Chantecaille, By Terry and La Mer...lovely for you Dear, but not a single product that can go in my CVS basket...

Here is a link to an excellent article on application techniques to consider for our skin as it ages. I particularly appreciate the slant of enhancing rather than trying to cling to our youth like a bunch of desperate Blanche Du Bois's.



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