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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Eyelash Extensions- What you need to know

Photo courtesy of the NY Times

Two must read beauty articles on one week from the venerable New York Times??? Change is definitely a foot, or in this case, a face.

Bravo and thank you for a comprehensive article on the fad that is sweeping the faces of busy women everywhere.  I see them daily, on friends and clients.  And you can always spot them...I think by the time that most women are invested in the time and cost of getting extensions, "natural" = "why bother?".

It's kind of remarkable I have not succumbed...I've had temporary extensions put on for events and there is something remarkable about seeing your morning face in the mirror, and miraculously feeling like belting out a few chorus's of, "I Feel Pretty"...They are truly that transformative.

I appreciated the thoroughness of the Times piece and appreciated hearing the thoughts of Ophthalmologist's on the subject.  Whether you have them, or are considering them more permanently, as I have, this is a must read:

I am thinking about getting them before my partner and I go back to Paris, to buy for our store Mary Jane Denzer.  My stunning partner, Anastasia, can be dressed, ready and out the door in 10 minutes flat.  Not so, moi.

We. Shall. See. And you???


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