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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Magnetic Eyelashes; Buyer Beware!!!

THESE are magnetic lashes!

Well, they finally arrived.  Just days before I was going to contact my bank about fraud, suspecting I, like others reported on FaceBook, would never actually receive them, my magnetic eyelashes appeared.

Have you noticed this new FaceBook phenom???   Ads with tantalizing products, like the above, some how have made there way tucked between your friend Maggie's new litter of puppies and your pal Rob's family vacation to Santorini.

How could I possibly resist clicking to learn more and then not clicking further to purchase them? Magnetic Lashes??? "How clever!", I thought!  "What a time saver this will be!".

If only... This my Lovelies is a total waste of money!!!  There is simply no way to get these two linear lashes to line up and attach, with your lashes in between.  (It would have been more helpful if they were at least curved, like a natural lash line.) One would need, literally, another set of hands to get the job done.  My fine motor skills are not a strong suit, (neither are my spatial skills, just ask my friends who have tried to teach me Mah Jongg), but no matter how dexterous you may be, I still don't think its doable.

Secondly, just for clarity, I did attach the two, (without my lashes sandwiched in between), to see how well they would or could align.  The magnets do attract. That's not the issue. Once together, I could not pry them apart without  destroying them...and that was after only one "use".

I guess I will see if I have any possible recourse to get a refund.  Many of you have nicely teased me that you have spent a fortune over the years, buying the products I love.  On the flip side, just think of all the money I have saved you too.

Add this to the tally.  And you are very welcome...

P.S.!!! One of my lovely FB readers informed me that my purchase from Choicest One are the cheap knockoffs!  She has had great success with the $69 originals from Onetwocosmetics...I'll let you know if I take the plunge.


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