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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Cinderella Story: Temporary Breast Augmentation

Amanda Sanders underwent temporary breast augmentation before a weekend
getaway with a new boyfriends. (photo courtesy of Caryn Posnansky)

I think I may now have heard everything...At the end of the summer the New York Times published an article about women who are undergoing temporary procedure to enlarge their breasts.  The motivation is to enhance their appearance for important occasions, like their weddings. Since then, I have read other articles about this new cosmetic "trend".

Saline is injected in the nipple area and the skin is temporarily stretched.  It's possible for a woman to go from A to a C cup.  What's the glitch?  It lasts 24 hours and costs about $2500,  Some women are also doing it as a precursor to surgery, to get a birds eye view into what their breast augmentation might look like. (Surgeons who are doing the procedure do allow the money spent to be discounted from a permanent surgical procedure.

Seriously...Haven't these women ever heard of chicken cutlets???

It's a little hard for me to discern if this rankles me because it seems like a wasteful, expensive vanity projector because I endured months of painful saline injections into temporary expanders, during breast reconstruction.  I don't even have to check with my amazing breast surgeon, Dr. C. Andrew Salzberg, to know he would consider this frivolous, (but I will.  If I'm wrong, I will amend.)

Not surprisingly, when I reached out for Dr. Salzberg's opinion, he wrote back, "Ridiculous!.  This also stretches out the skin and ligaments of the breast which will cause sagging "ptsosis".

Y'all know that I am not adverse to non-invasive and even surgical tweaks that 'need' to be done and make someone feel better about their appearance...what evs. This one, however, eludes me...

How about you???


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