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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ambien....Don't Leave Home Without It

By the time B. and I have sat down to dinner, it is well after 9:00 p.m. and we are ravenous. B. suggests "Vong" one of the earlier Asian fusion restaurants. I am cautiously optimistic... since I am notoriously picky, and anything with a whiff of the 3 C's (curry, cumin and cardamon) will be going back to the kitchen. What a lovely surprise! The food is delicious. It's getting late, and our waiter is hovering around us like a turkey vulture. We decide to skip tea,(ironically because of the caffeine) and I opt for a decaf coffee. Since I didn't send my meal back for a change, there was no reason to worry about being sabotaged by our waiter...I had been on my best behavior. But then again, we did close the place...

Well, there it was, tired body, buzzzzzzzy brain. 2 cups of straight up coffee close to midnight and I was going to be up all night. Since this was just an overnight stay, it never occurred to me to pack Ambien. I learned long ago, never to vacation without it and certainly not to travel internationally unless it is velcroed somewhere to my body. (Sister and I found ourselves in the very cushy position of having lots more leg on a trip to Paris. All we had to do was swear our loyalty to our fellow passengers, by manning the 55 lb. emergency hatch and over seeing their safe transatlantic departure. Loren and I raise our right hands solemnly, and accept our duty. The flight attendant is two steps out of earshot, when Loren asks, "Got the Ambien"?..."Right in my pocket", I reply). Whoops,... our bad... So, now I know...Toothbrush, check, make up remover, toner, serum, eye creme, night creme, body lotion, lip balm, check, Ambien, check, check. Take heed! Don't leave home without it.

Had a splendid day with my Mom and Sister at the Met. In addition to the spectacularly enlarged Impressionist collections, B. told me about an exhibit at the Costume Exhibit, that we shouldn't miss; Blog.mode:Addressing Fashion. How prescient!

The premise is that as an art form, people are more open about expressing their opinions about fashion than traditional art. (I am not sure if that is true or not. If you left a bunch of computers at a Rothko exhibit for people to express themselves, I don't necessarily think there would be any less participation).
The exhibit covers an international array of designers from the 1800's to the present. There is some wonderful work from St. Laurent, Donna Karan, Vivienne Westwood, Galliano, Madame Gres, Olivier Theyskens and Blahnik (who sponsored the show).

Blogs were available for people to post their impressions...My favorite??? Tammy from Topeka, who thought Madame Gres' creme jersey Grecian gown from the 50's, would make a great prom dress. Tammy honey, I tip my tiara to you. That gown was a star, but make mine a Nan Kempner moment in the St. Laurent floor length, daffodil, evening coat, that my dear, is styling...who else besudes Yves and Nan could make an exit even more breathtaking than an entrance?

Have you seen the exhibition? What were your favs?



  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh la la...Madame Gres exhibit??? Must take Pheebs this wkend when we are in NYC...rotated thru a medical office when I was in training and met her on several occasions...just luved that turban she wore! and met Nan several times too....OY was she thin! must must get to the MET!
    VONG??? didn't know it was still around took J there when we were dating and got seated next to SEAL!!!! glad you had fun! Ambien not for me thank went sleepwalking and afraid of the same reaction since we are cut from same cloth! M....

  2. Please re read my darling M...Only one Gres gown to devour. Still, I think you and Pheebs would love it.
    I used to love having Nan sightings in ankles were only that thin in "nursery school" (who by the way, switched this to "pre school").
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!




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