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Monday, May 14, 2018

A Drugstore Dream Mascara??? Yes Indeed!!!

Loreal Voluminous X Fiber Mascara
$11.99 ish

I have had to wait a few months for my eyelashes to grow back, after my 5 month stint wearing lash extensions.  Sadly...

Yes, I loved waking up every day with a full fan of lashes that cut my morning makeup time exponentially.  They looked spectacular! Every day, I made sure to apply eye lash growth serum and when I was in full wind down mode, which took about two months for all of the extensions to fall out, I began using Latisse.

I was hedging my bets that when all the extensions were gone, I would still have my original decent set of lashes.

Wrong!  Stumpy, gappie, crunchy.  Not a good look.

This is my ultimate take; if you are prepared to commit to monthly extensions for the rest of your life, great. Go for it! I could also see doing a one off, if you were planning an extended vacation. One month of application is not going to do significant damage. Beyond that?  NO. There is a price to pay, and it's steep.

OK, moving on.

I had made note of a new 2 sided Loreal mascara that comes with something so scathingly brilliant, every other cosmetic brand will surely be following suit...a BLACK PRIMER!!!!

Why oh why did anyone not go straight there, once the concept of lash primer became a daily staple?  I love a good primer! It's a slap dash coat, that you could apply while driving, that thickens and essentially acts as a first coat.  Why white and not black???

My Lovely no makeup readers are going to go mad for Loreal Voluminous X Fiber's black primer, no doubt skipping the mascara altogether.  It's genius.

The mascara does have fibers, but not visible ones that flake, creating very full, long lashes.  I love the way the brush curves in the center, hugging every lash.  It applies beautifully and washes off easily.

I'm not quite back to my pre-extension lashes, but with Loreal Voluminous X Fiber mascara,  I'm feeling a lot better about how they look and I am of course delighted to have found my Holy Grail Drugstore dream mascara.

As always, you are very welcome :)...


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