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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Love Story: Born This Way Concealer (Part 2)

Too Faced Born This Way Concealer
10 Shades $28

Okay, now that you survived my heartbreak story with Born This Way Foundation, let's move on to their concealer, because, without exaggeration, I will tell you that Too Faced Born This Way Concealer is life changing.

Would you like to look 5 years younger tomorrow?  Does a line blurring, shadow covering, moisturizing, stay put in a million degrees and 100% humidity concealer sound too good to be true???  I would think so...

But, I'm telling you the emes Lovelies. Simply put, conceivably we could all throw whatever lurks in our makeup bags in the garbage, but there is a glitch...

Normally, I would have opted for the Light/ Medium shade, but on a lark I went for the Medium.  Maybe in the dead of winter I will have to switch, but with the bit of sun and tons of fake tan I have on my face, the Medium was the right call.

Whether I love or hate a product, I'm always curious what other blogs and website reviews thought of it too.  While there was plenty of unrequited love for Born This Way Concealer, there was also significant frustration from users who could not match their skin tones with any of the 10 shades offered.

Here, BTW is Too Faced's claims:

After using Born This Way Concealer:

100% said it showed IMPROVEMENT IN SKIN MOISTURE LEVELS after 1 hour
97% said it provides a NATURAL, UNDETECTABLE FINISH
97% said it provides a SMOOTH, CREASELESS FINISH
97% said it provides a FLAWLESS "NO MAKEUP LOOK"

So here's the thing, until they increase their shade offerings (and based on the success of BTW Foundation and customer demand, I'm sure they will,) you will either hit the jackpot or not. Definitely worth trying.

Too Faced, if you read this, my love is conditional. If you muck up the medium when you add shades, like you did with my Holy Grail Golden BTW Foundation, we. are. DONE.

Here's hoping you find a perfect match...


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