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Monday, June 6, 2016

DivaDebbi's Summer Must-Haves for Stacy Knows

DivaDebbi's Summer Must-Haves

One of the great joys of writing a blog is that it expands your world. Readers, bloggers and media contacts become friends.  New businesses owners reach out to meet you and there are often launches and events to attend in NYC.  (One of the reasons I started DivaDebbi, 2 years before my son left for college, was in anticipation of my empty nest. My behind had been welded to sports spectator benches for 13 years...what was I going to do with the extra time?)  Good call.

Stacy Geisinger , a "Girl's Girl" and ultimate people connector, started her fabulous "blogazine Stacy Knows , 8 years ago, at the same time I started writing DivaDebbi.  Just as I was the always sharing my beauty and fashion tips with my friends, Stacy is every one's go-to Girl for connecting them to whatever was new and happening in Westchester County and now the Hampton's. She heard, the refrain, "Stacy Knows", often enough among her social circle, to make it Blog title. Love that!

We have been on each other's radar for years and not surprisingly, have mutual friends.  Our worlds finally collided at Richards, where I am the Personal Shopper. Stacy was shopping with her best friend Camille, who turns out is an old friend of mine.  Hugs and kisses all around!

Stacy is a fan of my Polyvore fashion sets and asked if I would like to collaborate from time to time on our blogs. Whoop, whoop and yes! So by way of introduction, now you too know Stacy Knows, and if you live in our neck of the world, it's truly a daily must read.

Above is a fashion set I curated exclusively for Stacy Knows, which includes the biggest summer fashion trends.  You can find these looks at every price point, so being on trend, has never been easier. Summer fashion is always a bit disposable anyway...

Trends for Summer 2016:

  • Off the shoulder tops
  • Cropped flared jeans
  • Fringe bags
  • Boho dresses
  • Scallop trims
  • Anything floral
  • Chunky heeled sandals
  • Lace up flats
  • Gold hoop earrings
  • Evil eye rings

Don't pack up your skinny jeans, sneakers and messenger bags and oversized slightly nubby cotton tees and tanks.  They are still a go.

What to skip? Tube socks.  I. Just. Can't.

Big kiss and my thanks to Stacy Geisinger for sharing this with her readers. Our stars have finally aligned.


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