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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Flashback Fridays: Kate Somerville 360 Body Towelettes

Kate Somerville 360 Body Self Tanning Towelettes
Longtime readers know that I'm all about the "glow" as well as a good "fake bake".  Come January,  I always whine lament, about how pale and pasty I feel. That is because it is truly how I look...Baby needs some sun.

In the interim, I will continue to use Kate Somerville's incredible, streak free, stink free, self tanning towelettes weekly.  No other self tanner on the market produces such a beautiful, natural color; and I  have tried them all, believe me.

I do wish they were less pricey and I have used them on my face...I have even gone so far as to cut them into squares and saved them in a baggie for daily use.

I finally broke out of my doldrums today, after saturating my face in the morning and  at night with a fresh towelette.  I think I smiled for the first time in a week. Alas, my box runneth dry, and it was time to refuel my pricey addiction but this time I did further damage:

Kate Somerville 360 Face Self Tanning Pads

I purchased her Self Tanning Pads for the Face.  Here's what intrigued me:

This advanced moisturizing formula, specially designed for the face, contains powerful Peptide K8 and age-defying actives that diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while creating a glowing complexion in just two to four hours.           
Unique sleeve applicator, with built-in exfoliators, ensures streak-free, even coverage that doesn’t stain hands.

I'm quite hoping that I will either be able to reuse each pad for a time or two, or the formula will be strong enough to sustain a few days wear before having to crack open another one...I promise to update you.

In the meanwhile, until I can cobble out a few days in the sun, Kate Somerville 360 Self Tanner will hopefully get me over the hump.

I'll still be cranky, but at least I can fake it...


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