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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beauty Blogger DivaDebbi's Winter Skincare Tips

Beauty Blogger DivaDebbi's Winter Skincare Tips

Beauty Blogger DivaDebbi's Winter Skincare Tips by divadebbi

In addition to fashion, Polyvore has always has a sweet spot for beauty and recently has added a section for Home as well. Though it's my daily creative playground, Polyvore is also the worlds largest retail fashion site, so it makes sense that they want to expand into other areas. Bottom line, E Commerce.

Surprisingly, the beauty never really inspires me.  The preference is for trends and frankly, I'm not a huge believer in them for the matter who created it for the season, I'm never going to wear aqua shadow and bright coral lips...ya know???

On this snowy evening, I created several fashion sets and couldn't resist throwing my hat in the ring for this Winter Skincare contest, asking us to share our secrets.

Mine are pretty basic, but they hold me in good stead:

1) Drink tons of water.  Literally gallons. It makes an enormous difference in the texture and plumpness of the skin.

2) Cleanse your face thoroughly.  This can only be done with the help of a Clarisonic cleansing tool. It's a game changer.  Everything you use afterwards is more effective.  Pinky swear.

3) Exfoliate weekly with a good scrub and a glycolic peel. My fave is Philosophy Resurface Dual-Phase Peel

4) Hydrate your skin lovingly, with a simple, but incredibly effective regimen like La Peau Skincare, morning and night. 3 products; Day, Night and Eye cream are all you need to achieve radiant, more youthful skin. They are my Holy Grail's and I am never without them.

5) Get plenty of sleep. Don't cheat your skin, mind and body of the most rejuvenating, natural thing it requires.

Pretty much, that's it, plus a few dozen other little things I do...Hey I only had so much room...


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