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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blue Mercury Spa Alert: The Masseuse is a Master

Blue Mercury Makeup Skincare & Spa
61 Purchase St. Rye NY

Back in November, I wrote about a delightful discovery in a neighboring town. Blue Mercury, a luxury skincare, makeup and spa had opened practically in my backyard. Here's a quick recap:

Founded in 1999 by Marla Beck, an enterprising entrepreneur who saw the need to create a friendly environment, where all beauty needs could be met under one roof, they have now blossomed to over 40 doors in the U.S.

Marla favors some of my favorite makeup lines exclusively like Nars, Trish McEvoy, Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier. Skincare has much more depth, with shelf space dedicated to  ReVive, Dermalogica, La Mer, Darphin, Clarins and many more including brands like Acqua Di Parma and Molton Brown for Men. They also have a lovely selection of products by Nest and Diptyque, perfect for gift giving.

I was so thrilled to hear back from my friend and manager Caroline McKee that they had hired an expert masseuse, and even happier that she invited me into sample Kami Ritt's talents firsthand. Coming smack in the middle of the Holiday season was an added plus...I needed to be kneaded.
Traditionally, I opt for Swedish Massage, but when in pretzel mode, I have occasionally chosen Deep Tissue Massage.  My experience with Deep Tissue work is probably not different than other peoples; unkinking knotted muscles is basically excruciating.  There is an ends to the means, but the means is mean.

Kami asked me which type of massage I would like and with a deep sigh, reluctantly opted for Deep Tissue.  What I experienced was unlike any massage I ever had. 

Kami is a master! Having long worked for a Chiropractor, and licensed for many years,  therapeutic massage is her passion and calling.  I heard lots of pops and clicks which I thought were her knuckles...Not.  What was actually happening was air was being expelled from my joints.

Many years ago, when I had my lumpectomy, I also had some lymph nodes removed.  Despite religiously following the recommended exercises, I still developed scar tissue.  It probably would have been wiser to have gone for physical therapy rather than having my Surgeon break it with his experts hands, but I was looking for a quick fix and got one as well as experiencing the most painful 6 seconds of my life.

Still despite my extremely active fitness schedule, I have always been aware of some tightness and limitations in my upper back, shoulders and arms, due to lumpectomy and later, reconstruction.

I could literally feel things opening up and moving in a way I hadn't felt in years. This was deep tissue work minus all the pain! I never even knew this was possible.  It was deeply relaxing and Kami promised me she was going to turn me into a, "noodle".  A more apt description was not possible...when she was done, I good have slid off the table.

I literally felt like a newborn, all mushy limbs...


Kami advised that I drink a lot of water and to possibly expect some soreness the next day, since she did work deeply.  Happily, I felt fabulous.

Tomorrow will be one month since this blissful experience and I think I'm due for a return visit.  I cannot recommend Kami more highly. For those of you in NYC, Westchester or Ct., I promise you she is worth travelling for.

You are very welcome...



  1. I wonder if Kami ever travels to the store in New Canaan. Hmmm - think I need to make a call.

  2. Q.,
    I don't believe she does, but I PROMISE you, she is worth travelling for. This is a whole other level of skill...




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