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Monday, January 20, 2014

Benefit The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine Powder

Benefit The POREfessional  Zero Shine Powder
I am often charmed and seduced by Benefit's cheeky packaging and clever product names and I will admit, their displays do lure me; "Diva...want to come over and play"???


When I was in my twenties and thirties, my skin was fairly oily and it drove me mad, particularly during the humid NY summer months.  Rather than piling on powders, I did have some good success with oil controlling lotions, applied before makeup. In the long run, oily skin does have an advantage; skin does age a bit more gracefully; just rewards.

I don't use face powder, but if I did, it would be loose and transparent.  The only reason I even picked up the POREfessional was wanting to see how this little gizmo worked...did Benefit figure out how to make loose powder portable?

The packaging couldn't be cuter; the ultra light (single shade of powder) sprinkles into the cap, housed inside on the bottom,  is a twist off pop up brush.  Simply tap a bit into the cap and swirl it on.

I loved how matte and flawless it made my T-zone look.  The ultra lightweight powder is more deeply pigmented than most loose powders, that often resemble baking soda.

I always like to read reviews about the products I'm reporting on.  Benefit The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine Powder had a lot of reviews from disappointed users;  Younger women with very oily skin complained of breakthrough within hours of application,  there were gripes about the high price for such a small amount of product, particularly if several cap fills were needed to cover the whole face. Some people thought the single color was a poor match for their complexions, others didn't like the quality of the brush.

Legitimate call outs, for sure, but still, I'm smitten.  I like tossing it in my handbag and having it available on call.  I did purchase POREfessional Agent Zero Shine Powder with several other products at Sephora and didn't realize myself until this review that it does carry a heft $30 price tag...all that clever packaging I guess.

Still, I'm keeping it.  Will I repurchase it?  Dunno.  I guess that depends on if I feel that I've gotten my moneys worth. Is it right for you? Dunno. But I hope I have given you enough of a 411 to figure out if it may be.

I just may be flying solo on this one...


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