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Sunday, February 7, 2016



Gig by divadebbi featuring a green sweater

The New Nude

The New Nude

My Mascara Lately; One to buy, one to skip, one to try

Long time DivaDebbi readers, know I am always on the hopeful quest of finding a "got it all" drugstore mascara; volume, length, clump and flake free.  Oh yes, and cheap.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Rimmel London's Super Curler 24 Mascara
$8.99. Less anywhere besides CVS in Greenwich Ct.

I was down to the dregs of my beloved, Holy GrailToo Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and happened to be doing a CVS run. I find the whole drugstore mascara gig to be a confusing mess...not only are there a dozen brands, but each brand offers a dozen iterations of their own mascara.  Pretty much, I throw a dart.

I'm not adverse to using an eyelash's as ingrained in my routine as brushing my teeth, but I thought I'd try Rimmel's Super Curler 24.

Every time I try a new one, I'm always optimistic that I might just have found, "the one". I won't say that Rimmel's Super Curler 24 failed on that front; I could see the curl, but the formula was limp and my lashes looked thin and spidery. By the days end, my eyes were red and itchy and if I had more time between getting home and going out, I would have removed all of it and started again, which would have been a first...

Back to CVS for you...

Friday, February 5, 2016

Genius: Sephora's Virtual Artist App

Sephora's Virtual Artist App

For the last several years, my dear friend Linda Levy, has dreamed of finding her perfect shade of red lipstick. She's tried dozens in vain.  I have also tried to aid her cause by donating every sample of red lipstick that comes my way via blog review samples, goodie bags or Sephora VIB Rouge perks.  Alas, nada.

When Linda arrived the next day, with the perfect red lip, I couldn't wait to find out how she achieved it...

She finally decided she was going to make good on her promise to carve out some time and ask the experts at Sephora to help her find the shade that has always alluded her. She did and two brilliant things emerged; 1) They have technology in store that when applied to your face, analyzes your skin tone. With that hurdle out of the way, scientifically, it then can match you with the ideal shades for your foundation, blush and lipstick. 2) If you download Sephora's Virtual Artist App on your phone and allow access to your camera, you can experiment and see yourself in real time, with lipstick in every shade of the rainbow.  I was mesmerized!

Happy Year of the Monkey!

Happy Year of the Monkey!


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