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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Jergens Natural Glow + Firming Gradual Tanning Lotion

Jergens Natural Glow Firming Self Tanner
$14.00 - Available in two shades

Jergens, in a stroke of genius that changed self tanning forever, was the first company to create a gradual self tanner infused with a moisturizer.  When it was first launched, it flew off the shelves and was a tough find.

Of course, I was an early user. While I loved the concept, the overpowering, smell of bleach or some other noxious chemical, promptly stimulated my gag reflex.  'Nuf said.

I've had some recent streaking misadventures with other self tanners lately, so when I spotted Jergens Natural Glow + Firming Self Tanner, with a banner on the upper left side of the packaging touting, "Award Winning Color" and a "Great Scent", I caved.  The one definite advantage of gradual self tanners, is that they are hard to mess up.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Flashback Friday: Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick

Almay Smart Shade Butter Lipsticks

When I put on my face each day, I find it important to see everything in balance, lip included.  As such, I always have and extra of my Holy Grail MAC Soar Lip Pencil, and whatever my lipstick du jour is,( Bare Minerals Chase Your Dreams) in my, none too organized, makeup drawer.  This keeps me from having to rummage in my, none to organized, handbag for said accoutrements.

This morning I gave up Chasing my Dreams.  When it was nowhere to be found, I reached for Almay's Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick in #50 Berry Light/ Medium.  Wow this is a fabulous creation!!!
I loved them (I bought several) after originally blogging about them last January.

A hybrid of lipstick and gloss, they do feel positively buttery and moisturizing on the lip. Added bonus? Rich pigmentation and staying power...I'm in love, all over again.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

London Bound with All things Farfetch

London Bound with All things FarFetch

Alexander McQueen white peplum shirt, $795 / Yves Saint Laurent genuine leather biker jacket, $4,605 / Dolce Gabbana red high waisted skirt, $795 / Giuseppe Zanotti colorful sneaker, $980 / Chanel quilted chain purse, $5,215 / Louis Vuitton zip top tote, $2,720 / Alexander McQueen skull umbrella, $620 / Chantecaille mascara, $94 /

Recently, I received a fun reach out from Farfetch's Social Media team.  Farfetch is a British international fashion website that stocks products from 400 independent boutiques around the world.  It is in short, fabulous. Do take a peek...

They contacted fashion bloggers whose style they liked and asked us to participate in a contest, creating a set, showing what we might pack to where in London, New York, Paris or Milan.  Maybe it's the nearly 23 consecutive days of rain we have had or maybe it's just that I am still fondly remembering my recent trip to London, either way, that's what inspired the set above.

Fingers crossed Lovelies.  I certainly would love to win a gift certificate to shop the world at my fingertips.

Here's hoping...


Saturday, May 21, 2016

We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to Amy Orvin!  She has won Elite Therapeutics Premier Creme, valued at $125.  I have been using this delicious creme, night and day for nearly a month now.  It smells heavenly, is rich but absorbs beautifully and my skin looks supple and radiant.

Thank you Elite Therapeutics for allowing me to do a giveaway with my readers. It always makes me happy when I can share something with my Lovelies that I myself am enjoying.

These contests are a snap to enter,  so next time, do throw your hat in the ring...


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Head Kandy Hair Brush Straightener Review

Head Kandy Brush Straightener
$65.99 (follow link)

As I've said before, I love when my beauty stars align. I nearly pulled the trigger on a straightening brush called Simply Straight at Bed Bath & Beyond, but did a quick internet search and found the reviews to be mixed. Besides, how would I have fit it into my already bulging cart?  BB&Y, like Target are dangerous stores for me to enter.  I never know how much more crap stuff I don't need, till I enter them. Buyer Beware...

Three days later I received a lovely pitch asking me if I would like to sample the Head Kandy Brush Straightener from Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR asking if I would like to sample it for review.

Naturally I agreed.

I am a bit embarrassed to admit I thought the one I received was defective... I simply could not get it to turn on.  As I often reluctantly have to do, I asked my ever nimble husband, who experiences none of the technical difficulties that encompass my life, for help.  He had it going in about 6 seconds.  Why? Because he read the directions, which is about how long it took to power it up....

I would if I could, but usually I can't.  Surely there is a label for those us who are spatially challenged, have spent decades driving in circles and who believe most directions are written in Mandarin, et toi???

Well, now we were getting somewhere!  Head Kandy heats up very quickly, in fact, in under a minute. Recently, my hair stylist Sonia, refused to give me my usual hair shaping, insisting I was way over due for something new.  She was right and I told her to go for it. I'm glad I did.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday in the Park

Sunday in the Park

Revisiting Color WOW Root Cover Up Kit

Color Wow's Root Cover Up Kits
4 Shades $34.50 at Ulta
(I saw several shades advertised on for $24.99

Hmmmm....well pretty much, I feel like a total dope.  I recently was having my hair blown out at my happy place, the  sleek and chic, Becker Salon in Greenwich, by the young and talented Elianny.

Becker Salon
380 Greenwich Avenue Greenwich CT.

When she finished, she said you know, "there's a small patch in the back that needs some help. Shall I get the Color WOW?"

This award winning product continues to be a leader in the temporary "root problem" category.  I had bought, returned and posted about it back in 2013.
My problem with Color WOW, was that even using the larger side of the brush, the coverage wasn't that good and it seemed unnervingly time consuming. Albeit a bit messier, wasn't it easier to just spray away gray???

I thought so...

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pretty Is What Pretty Does

Pretty Is What Pretty Does

 Valentino green shoes, $930 / Valextra handbags purse / Renee Lewis pearl earrings

Richards, where I work as their Personal Shopper  and our online website  has a fabulous selection of Renee Lewis  jewelry, including the earrings featured in this set, which I covet. Daily.

We also have a wide assortment of Valentino's ever popular rock stud shoe and have recently added Valextra handbags. Valextra bags are uber chic, quiet, and elegant with nary a logo. The skins are tanned at the same factories as Hermes.  J' adore!!!

For more info, contact me directly at 203-622-0551,  follow prompts to communicate on our website or email me at DivaDebbi@gmail. com

Welcome to my world!



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