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Friday, April 11, 2008

Not Ready for Prime Time

Do I really want to add one more step to my morning beauty routine? I am already to hop back into my pj's some mornings...the sheer number of preps and steps is exhausting, and that is before I have even gotten to my hair...

Nonetheless, I succumb to the lore of foundation primer, because I cannot resist the long wearing, flawless, perfection that will soon be my reward. The gold standard, beauty editors and make up artists always tout is Smash Box Photo Finish. $57.00 is more than I am willing to shell out for foundation, much less non-foundation. Instead, I purchase Laura Mercier's Hydrating Foundation Primer, to team up with her tinted moisturizer, which I already own.

While cruising the Sephora aisles, I see that I have already inadvertently purchased another "primer", Benefit's Dr. Feelgood...This "face balm" was a bomb had the consistency of dental wax, attracting flying objects like an outdoor Pest Strip.(What is Sephora's return policy, by the way? Stay tuned...cause I am going to give it whirl this afternoon. A recently purchased bronzing brush is leaving squirrel hair all over my face, requiring forceps for it's removal and me imagining myself with a guest spot on CSI).

O.K., Back to the LMHFP. Sooo, face serum, eye creme, moisturizer, primer, a mix of foundation and tinted moisturizer...phase one complete. It has a lovely texture, my make up glides on effortlessly and at the end of the day, is still fresh looking. I am sold. It's is more psychological than physical toil after all.

Will I try others? Sure. I know that Revlon makes one in their Age Defying series, that is supposed to prime and firm (a twofer) and I won't be able to resist Laura Geller's, Spackle, simply because I am in love with the name.

So, what about you? Are you ready for prime time?


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  1. can buy Spackle, Touche Eclat and many other products on QVC. And they give a 30 day, bottom of the jar guarantee!



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