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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pretty, Please

Wouldn't it be nice, if the beauty planet borrowed some stratum from the fashion world and gave us a little middle ground? As it stands, when it comes to cosmetics, it's pretty much class vs. mass.

Look at it this way, Chanel=Chanel, Armani=Armani, YSL=YSL....Class. Cover Girl=H&M, Loreal=J.Crew and Maybelline= Banana...Mass. Can't there be a little more Tory Burch=Clinque to choose from? Must a lipstick be $28.00 or $6.99?

Truth be told, I am rarely disappointed with my Clinque purchases (my friend L. is raving about their new $14.00 Volumizing mascara). The products are reliable and there is never any sticker shock. My only gripe is that buying Clinique feels vaguely Juicy Couture to me.

Can't a girl have a few more "contemporary" choices in her beauty stash? I can picture Theory mascara, in crisp white, square "tubes", with bold black letters or little bowed, boucle tubes of Nanette Lepore lipsticks. It would thrill me to match my DVF or Tory compact to my day dress. I think the female designers should lead the charge. So what to do you say, Tory, Diane, Catherine, Rachel, Nanette and Anna...pretty please?


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  2. Hi Diva,
    glad you are singing the praises of Clinique. It is hands down my best and favorite lipstick. Great texture, stay on shades and a cool silver tube that doesn't hide in the handbag. By the way, I think you are onto something with the idea of contemporary brands styling up cosmetics. I would love to see the offerings of Elie Tahari!



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