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Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Foot Fable

O.K. I have a confession... The black patent, peep toe, sling backs on my feet today were not Manolo Blahnik's, not Jimmy Choo's and not Prada's...I did not have the great, good fortune of inheriting my mother's perfectly arched, evenly matched, slightly narrow, size 7 feet. My parents, good naturedly, tried to cheer me, with the fact that Jacqueline Kennedy also wore a size 10 shoe. (American...let's not kid ourselves, those puppies were not a European "40"). Though I never doubted the truth of this tale, I was quite sure Mrs. Kennedy's feet were still prettier than mine, whose likeness has more in common with Mr. Flintstone's.

I do have a few pair of beautiful restaurant shoes, strictly for walking from the car to the table...a cocktail party would not even be a consideration. I envy women who tell me they could dance all night in there favorite MB's. I have already slipped mine off under the, I can only dance the night away in big, cheap, shoes. Nine West? Like a pair of fuzzy slippers. Bandolino? Let's rumba...but today's were the cherry on the sundae...My great looking knock off's were none other than Miss Jessica Simpson's, purchased at Nordstrom for $79.00! I accepted compliments graciously all day but when grilled, 'fessed up. What a fabulous score!

So out of necessity, as well as the adrenaline rush of saving $400, run, call or click to your nearest Nordstrom's...Miss Jessica is styling.


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