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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Return Engagement

While it may seem that I am a habitual returner because of my CVS adventurers, it is their preference, that people buy and try cosmetics at home, rather than opening sealed packages in store. I love that they accept my returns cheerfully and I do my best not to take advantage of there largess.

Did you ever try and return a cosmetic item to a department store? Good luck...Dopey you, succumb to the pressure of buying new product, on top of your existing makeup, in space that is lit like Home Depot. You now own the problem.

I do a fair share of damage at Sephora. Since there is so much leg room to try without pressure and because there beauty adviser's are roving ambassadors for all products (not just one line), I usually get terrific advice and rarely needing to return. So, when it came time to bringing back the shedding, squirrel hair bronzing brush and Mac long wearing lipstick that tasted like Jean Nate, I was expecting nothing less than a full interrogation, like their counterparts at Bloomingdales.

Lo and behold, they couldn't have been nicer...She saw my products were barely used, I saved my packaging and my receipts and had nothing but empathy and suggestions for suitable replacements. At the same time, my long lost friend C., owner of 4 famed Go Figure exercise studios (including newly opened Westport), pops in with a recently purchased hairspray that was missing its nozzle. On her honor, and without a receipt, it is promptly replaced. I am impressed!

Only then to I drop the Beauty Blog bomb, and tell the associate that I was unsure of their return policy and had promised to write about my experience. Ohhhh there is juicy lore to be told...nasty fudgers out there, who do take advantage... Equivalent cosmetic tales rivaling fashion horrors of perfume infused evening clothes, whose tags have been surgically replaced, coming back to the store, after the big event. I am both fascinated and horrified that people can think these things up.

So, a big chops to Sephora. I love that I am nicely greeted, their associates are helpful and friendly and in a pinch, my returns will be graciously accomodated. This is great retailing and what keeps customers coming back.


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